• Swim Center Parking
    Fellow Striders who participate in the Saturday morning bagel run. We have received notice from Columbia Swim Center's Operation Manager asking runners to please park closer to David's Natural Market over the next few weeks during this phase of construction.
  • Survey - Awards Banquet
    Striders, please complete the brief Awards Banquet Survey.
  • Chronic Achilles Tendonitis: A Case Study Using Graston Technique
    Running injuries are very prevalent among runners. Sometimes our minds don't listen to our bodies. There are a lot of smart people studying the most effective way to heal over-use injuries. One treatment plan incorporates active and passive tissue warm-up, followed respectively by soft tissue mobilization utilizing both Graston Technique® and Active Release Techniques®, eccentric exercise, and static stretching in combination with cryotherapy. You can read more about the case study HERE. Two rehab clinics that practice these techniques are Sport & Spine Rehab and Howard County Chiropractic, both who support the Striders.
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The Howard County Striders are an incorporated non-profit organization dedicated to promoting lifetime fitness through running, based in central Maryland.

We sponsor or support many types of activities, including high quality race events, group runs, low-key weekly races, and a robust complement of training programs for both adults and youth, from beginners on up, to support continued active lifestyles in the community.

  • Road Runners Club of America
  • Maryland Road Runners Club of America
  • USA Track & Field