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Fall Weekly Series Awards

27 runners turned out for the fall weekly series final race at Lake Elkhorn.  Mark Eagles and Tammy Liu  were the 5k winners. Volunteers:  Rene Alonso(race lead), Joan Chall, Amanda Idstein, Melinda Krummerich, Carlos Renjifo, Jorge Renjifo, Kendra Smith, Greg Thomas. 5K 1. Mark Eagles                20:22 2. Dustin […]

Fall Weekly Series Race #6

60 runners came out on this lovely Sunday afternoon to run two miles (and eat cake!) in memory of Mike Fleming. Will Jones and Faye Weaver were the winners. Volunteers:  Bill Arbelaez (race lead), Lynn Sanetrik, Jenn Storch, Melinda Krummerich, Alan Tominack, Amanda Idstein, John Bratiotis, John Chall, Kendra Smith, Alyssa Mitchell, Lynda Allera, Rene […]

Fall Weekly Series Race #5

21 runners took on the hilly 5k course behind Hammond High School at the Howard County striders fall weekly series race. Mark Eagles and Sydney LeBrun were the winners. Volunteers: Melinda Krummerich (race lead), Anastasiya Blackwood, John Bratiotis, Chad Burger, Marc Burger, Melissa Burger, Joan Chall, John Chall, Gavin LeBrun, Jennifer LeBrun. 5k 1. Mark […]

Fall Weekly Series Race #4

28 runners participated in the Howard County Striders weekly series race at Longfellow Elementary on 10-13. Mark Eagles and Pamela Yao led the two mile runners. John Chall and Tammy Liu were the 10k winners. Volunteers: Linda Allera (race lead), Melissa Burger, Joan Chall, Marc Hermstein, Amanda Idstein, Melinda Krummerich. 2 mile 1. Mark Eagles […]

Fall Weekly Series Race #3

29 runners came out on a warm Sunday afternoon to participate in the Howard County striders weekly race at Oakland Mills middle school. Mark Eagles and Alyssa Mitchell were the 1 mile winners. Dustin Yourstone and Danielle Crump led the way in the 5k run. Volunteers: Bill Arbelaez(race lead), John Bratiotis, Marc Burger, Melissa Burger, […]

Fall Weekly Series Race #2

48 runners took part in the Howard County striders weekly race at Jeffers Hill Elementary.  Josh Geesaman and Tammy Liu were the 2 mile winners.  Stephen Senick and Alyssa Mitchell led the 10k runners. Gregg Ford and Karen Young won the 15k. Volunteers: Melinda Krummerich(race lead), Rene Alonso, Sarah Beach, Anastasiya Blackwood, Melissa Burger, Joan […]

Fall Weekly Series Race #1

34 runners joined us to kick off the fall weekly series races and celebrate our Zero to Weekly graduates’ first 5k! Josh Formwalt and Debbie Ellinghaus led the 5k while Edi Turco and Mary Niland finished first in the 10k. Volunteers: Kendra Smith (race lead), Greg Thomas, Alan Tominack, John Way 5k 1. 22:26.6 Josh […]