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5-Mile 2-Person Relay

30 teams of two runners came out to participate in the Howard County Striders 5 mile relay event at Marriotts Ridge High School Wednesday night.  Runners alternate 1/4 mile laps 10 times until five miles is reached.  Luke Janik and James Blackwood were the winners. Volunteers:  John Bratiotis, Marc Burger. Melissa Burger, Larry Stern. 5 […]

All Fruit Relay

11 teams with fruit themed names participated in the Howard County striders annual All-fruit relay.  Teams with 2-4 runners have to carry a fruit baton for a total of  eight miles.  Team Everything Rhymes with Orange with Stephen Senick, Greg Horning, and Scott Kavoogian were the winners. All-Fruit Relay 27 May 2018 2:00PM Oakland Mills […]

Vernal Velocity Series Awards

29 runners came out on Mother’s Day to run the Howard County Striders spring weekly series awards race at the hilly Hammond High School 5k course. Mark Eagles and Kendra Smith were the winners. Volunteers: John Bratiotis (race lead), Tammy Liu Hermstein, Amanda Idstein, Melinda Krummerich, Dwight Mikulis, Ethan Turner, John Way, Lincoln Wytko, Simon […]

Vernal Velocity #5

48 runners enjoyed a pleasant spring day while participating in the Howard County striders spring weekly series race at Elkhorn/Savage trail. Ted Poulos and Kendra Smith led the 5k runners. Mark Eagles and Cindy Alms were the 10k winners. Volunteers: Donnie Chapman (race lead), John Bratiotis, Melissa Burger, Mitchell Turner, John Way. 5k 1. Ted […]

Vernal Velocity #4

56 runners came out to the Howard County striders spring weekly series race at Swansfield Elementary.  Mark Eagles and Jennifer Moynihan were the one mile winners.  Stephen Senick and Terri Wytko led the 5k runners. Volunteers: Bill Arbelaez (race lead), John Bratiotis, Marc Hermstein, Amanda Idstein, Hans Meurer, Leigh Schneider, Kendra Smith, Ronnie Wong. 1 […]