Beth Hannon

Beth started running in high school and enjoyed the camaraderie of the team environment. In 2009 she and her sister got the idea to take on a half marathon and had a great time training and then running it together. Since then Beth has been hooked on running again. After several half marathons and joining the Howard County Striders in 2013, Beth decided to train for her first full marathon that same year which was a great experience.

That first marathon inspired Beth and through 2016 she has completed seven additional marathons including MCM, NY, Chicago and Boston. Since joining the Striders Beth has been able to improve her racing times through more focused training and looks forward to continuing to train and improve with the Striders. Beth’s short term goals are to continue to improve against every distance she races from the 5K to the marathon. Her long term goal is to continue to have a great time while running. She has been very lucky to make some wonderful friends while training and looks forward continuing to run well and have fun with them. Beth also enjoys helping other runners meet their goals and is involved in several of the Striders adult training programs as a coach or coordinator. She served on the Striders’ Board as the Volunteer Coordinator and in 2017 will move into the role of Membership on the Board.

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