Hall of Fame

The Howard County Striders began inducting members into its Hall of Fame in 1998.

Qualifications for consideration of election into the Hall of Fame include at least five years' membership in the Howard County Striders, plus significant running achievements and/or substantial contributions to the running community.

Nomination and selection process (PDF)

Howard County Striders Hall of Fame
Bea' Marie Altieri George Altieri
Timothy Beaty Dorothy Beckett
David Berardi Bob Burns
Nancy Burns James Carbary
Chris Chattin Gerald Clapper
Arleen Dinneen Jim DiSciullo
Ken Fowler Dickie George
Bobby Gessler Mark Gilmore
Paul Goldenberg Martin Goode
Thomas Green Kathy Heckman
Donald Heinicke Robyn Humphrey
Phil Lang Vicki Lang
Warren Ohlrich Piriya Pinit
Carlos Renjifo Mick Slonaker
Paul Sobus David Tripp
Judith Tripp Jason Tripp
Jerry Warfield Joseph Wasserman
Nadia Wasserman Miles Weigold
Pat Wilkerson