All Fruit Relay

The clouds gave way to sunshine for Howard County Striders’ annual All Fruit Relay, named for the fruit batons ranging from grapes to bananas.

The Vikings team from Mt Hebron won by a large margin, averaging a remarkable 5:35 pace. Team Hunt, led by dad, Bud Hunt, finished 12th with the help of his 3 sons. A number of Oakland Mills runners were racing today, due in part to the encouragement of coach, Phil Lang. Steven Olenick deserves credit for running the 1st and last legs of King Cobra’s 3 person team and still nailing 3rd place in a competitive race. Weekly regulars, the Bowler and Esposito families, teamed up with Joe Esposito running the final leg. We thank Bill Arbelaez for painting fresh course marks.


All-Fruit Relay
27 May 2002
Oakland Mills Middle School

1. Vikings 44:38 
Adam Forgione  
Don Forgione 
Jeff Grier 
Matt Sanders 

2. Lang's Boys 46:34 
Dustin Allen 
Izudin Mehmedovic 
Mohamed Abouelrous 
Ricky McGinnis

3. King Cobra 47:08 
Kerrie Bowes 
Stephen Olenick 
David Karlheim

4. Raisinettes 47:29 
Carldrickess Haymon 
Vicki Lang 
Steve Levay 
Phil Lang

5. Timed Fun 49:09 
Kevin Betts 
Matt Tebbe 
David Tarkow 
Dan Hahn

6. Junior Coaches 51:55 
Jim Carbary 
Bill Arbelaez 
Joe Esposito 
Anthony Fleg

7. Fruit of the Loom 58:04 
Steve Zelenak 
Dave Heiliger 
Phil Heiliger 
Eric Johnston

8. Sour Apples 58:22 
Russ Tyldesley 
Dorothy Beckett 
Karl Kraus 
Daniel Jonas

9. J & M Olives 60:31 
Johnna Esposito 
Joey Esposito 
Marquel Bowler 
Melodie Bowler

10. Seeded-less Grapes 62:02 
Ron Weber 
Steve Alpern 
Linda Kelley 
Judith Colon

11. Fleming 62:09 
Emily Fleming 
Mike Fleming 
Tim Howe 
Brian Fleming

12. Hunt 63:45 
Bud Hunt 
Paul Hunt 
Peter Hunt 
Daniel Hunt