All Fruit Relay

The clouds gave way to partial sunshine for the All Fruit Relay, so named for the fruit batons, ranging from raisins to bananas. The Banana Slugs took top honors with the Rotten Apples placing 2nd. Most teams had 4 runners; other teams had to have a runner run 2 legs of this 4 X 2 mile event. Our youngest entrant, 9 year old Michael Gamble, was instrumental in helping his team finish under the 1 hour threshold.


All-Fruit Relay
Oakland Mills Middle School	
May 26, 2003

1.    Banana Slugs        49:59
        Kevin Betts 
        David Tarkow 
        Tonia Betts
2.    Rotten Apples       51:10
        Bill Arbeleaz
        Daniel Jonas
        Jim Carbary
3.    Kentennial Kiwis    51:47
        Michael Bayless
        Dustin Yourstone
        Pat Mulberger
        Eric Bell
4.    BS'ers              54:19
        Sarah Mero
        Sean Cunningham
        Johnna Esposito
        Joey Esposito
5.    Fred                54:53
        Chris Karlheim
        David Karlheim
        Ed Silverman
        Ryan Silverman
6.    The Yews            58:34:28 (TIE)
        Alvin Yew
        Frank Yew
        Connie Yew
        Calinda Yew
       Sunkist Stars      58:34:28 (TIE)
        John Worley
        Mark Worley
        Bruce Worley
        Anthony Fleg
7.    (No Team Name)      59:28
        Karl Kraus        
        Michael Gamble
        Richard Bernstein
        Allan Huang 
8.    Fruits R Us         68:56
        Helenor Mesias
        Vladi Basch
        Deanna Karlheim