All Fruit Relay

This annual Memorial Day event requires creatively named teams to carry fruit batons of their choice with each team member running 2 miles. Great Fruit, including brothers Carlos and Jorge Renjifo, Kent Werner and Greg Hogan averaged a 5:34 pace to win the race.


All-Fruit Relay
Oakland Mills Middle School	
May 29, 2006

1. Great Fruit            44:33
  Jorge Renjifo
  Kent Werner
  Greg Hogan
  Carlos Renjifo
2. Pentennial Plaintains  46:55
  Aaron Levine
  Mike Rowland
  Matt Francis
  John Briguglio

3. Kentennial Kumquats    47:18
  Dustin Yourstone
  Eric Bell
  Pat Muhlberger
  Jon Kay

4. Orange You Glad I Didn’t Say Banana  49:09
  Lauren Yang
  Elizabeth Montgomery
  Kyle Garrney
  Justin Ahn

5. Toe the Lime           50:27
  Brian Fleming
  Mike Fleming
  Weems McFadden
  Michael Dusenbery

6. Flyin’ Limes           52:10
  Greg Schuler
  Bill Arbelaez
  Eric Shuler
  Greg Schuler

7. Apple Philing          53:39
  Brittany Lang/Joseph K
  Tiffany Lang
  Vicki Lang
  Phil Lang

8. Sour                   55:21
  Bruce Worley
  Sam Barry
  Mark Worley
  Steve Miller

9. Rotten Apples          55:40
  Reggie King
  James Meiners
  Barid King
  Rylan King

10. Yewminators           58:19
  Alvin Yew
  Calina Yew
  Connie Yew
  Frank Yew

11. Sour Feet           1:03:54
  Nick Crnkovich
  Jana Drgonova
  Michelle Crnkovich
  Benjamin Drgon

12. Just Oranges        1:05:44
  Phil Heiliger
  Dave Heiliger
  Steve Zelenak
  John Worley

13. Yankees South       1:07:31
  Pat Ganley
  Colin Ganley
  Tom Flynn
  Michele Knighton

14. Apple Corp          1:10:53
  Steve Alpern
  Judith Weber
  Ron Weber

15. Unpearable          1:15:20
  Marc Berger
  Melissa Tabor
  Eric Johnston