Metric Marathon & 5K

2007 Metric Marathon 26.2K Results

2007 Metric Marathon 26.2K Awards

2007 Metric 5K Results

2007 Metric 5K Awards

Steven Crane may have clobbered the men’s field at the 31st Annual Metric Marathon last Sunday, but the story might have been different had not “some young guy” forced the pace for the first 14 miles of the race. Steve’s competition turned out to be a former UMBC runner named Shawn Shorky. Shawn had sprained his ankle a month before and thought he could push through the injury, and he might have too if Crane had not forced the pace. When the ankle became unbearable, Shawn dropped out. Special race coordinator Paul Goldenberg actually gave him a ride back to the start.

A national-class runner, Crane came north to Columbia from Arlington, VA, with his fleet friends from the Pacers running store– Chris Farley and Eric Kean. Crane posted a time of 1:30:38– the fastest Metric Marathon since Peter Dougharty won the event in 1999 with a 1:30:13. Six minutes and over one mile behind Crane, masters runner Tom Banchy became the beneficiary of the withdrawl and finished in second place (1:36:49). “I never saw the leader,” Tom admitted, “But at least I was the first old guy to finish!”

Denise Knickman led the women’s race for the first 13 miles. But when she turned onto the bike path, the uneven, meandering surfaces slowed down her road-race pace. “I had a rough time on the bike paths and couldn’t get used to them,” she said. That gave Alana Van Allen the chance she needed. She overhauled Knickman somewhere on the leaf-strewn bike paths of Long Reach and held on to win the women’s division in 1:51:30.

Among the over-40 runners, the aforementioned Tom Banchy, second overall, was the first master runner across the finish line. He had only run the Metric once before. The fastest woman over 40 was Linda Foley, who finished third among the women in 1:53:36. The second-fastest woman was a grandmaster. Recently turned 50, Dorothy Beckett had celebrated her birthday with a 3:27 at the New York City Marathon, and then felt compelled to run the Metric two weeks later– where she beat nearly all the master women as well as all the grandmasters. Watch out!

The Columbia 5k race accompanied the Metric Marathon. The shorter race is for the speedsters not feeling up to the longer Metric. Robert Santoro traveled all the way from North Quincy, MA (it’s right outside Boston) to win the 5k in a blazing 16:09, while Kensington’s Patty Zerfas bested the women’s field (20:19). Notably, the fastest master in the 5k race was a grandmaster: 50-year-old John Chall finished seventh overall in 18:58.

Although the rain held off until the afternoon, it was such a cold and raw day that many runners left immediately after they finished, including Crane and Van Allen. After the race, some runners actually did hang around Lake Kittimuquindi for random awards, pizza from Jerry’s Subs, and lots of apple juice. “Actually, I can’t wait to get home and take a hot shower,” said Sandy Ford (1st, 45-49W). Those race and age group winners who stuck around received handsome wood plaques and gift certificates from Feet First of Wilde Lake. 337 finished the full Metric Marathon (26.2 km or 16.4 miles), while 216 complete the 5k fun run.

John and Ann Worley directed the Metric Marathon on behalf of the Howard County Striders, who stage the race each December. This year before the race, the Striders held a going-away ceremony for Miles Weigold, announcer and official “voice” of the Howard County Striders. Delegate Elizabeth Bobo presented Miles with an honorary decree from the Maryland State Senate, and he also received a Volunteer of the Year award from the Road Runners Club of America for 2000 hours of service. The Striders also made a donation on Miles’ behalf to the Kennedy-Krieger Institute of Johns Hopkins.

The Striders thank the Howard County Police for their expert traffic direction during the race and the dozens of volunteers (especially Boy Scout Troop 734 from DelMar at the 14 mile water stop) who braved the dreary weather on Sunday morning.

by Jim Carbary


Columbia Metric Marathon 2007 - 26.2K,  12/2/2007
Pl  Name                     HomeTown              Age    Time
  1.Crane, Steven            Silver Spring, MD     M26    1:30:38.87
  2.Banchy, Tom              Catonsville, MD       M40    1:36:49.26
  3.Farley, Chris            Arlington, VA         M31    1:37:27.84
  4.Lockwood, Max            Washington, DC        M37    1:37:33.88
  5.Kean, Erik               Arlington, VA         M30    1:37:36.12
  6.Hogan, Gregory M         Columbia, MD          M27    1:37:42.85
  7.Wade, Robbie             Chicago, IL           M25    1:38:57.06
  8.Kuderna, Doug T          Odenton, MD           M46    1:39:08.31
  9.Poulos, Ted              McLean, VA            M45    1:41:55.35
 10.Pointer, Maurice         Baltimore, MD         M52    1:42:10.57
 11.Tripp, Jason I           Ellicott City, MD     M35    1:42:35.66
 12.Tebbe, Matt              Silver Spring, MD     M31    1:42:56.74
 13.Kessler, David           Manassas, VA          M30    1:43:38.53
 14.Papagno, Victor          Poolesville, MD       M39    1:43:39.89
 15.LaMonte, Joe A           Arlington, VA         M27    1:44:41.74
 16.Brown, Karsten           Front Royal, VA       M33    1:44:42.99
 17.Medley, Remus            Baltimore, MD         M37    1:44:45.26
 18.Barela, Mark             Washington, DC        M28    1:44:50.42
 19.Chasse, Craig            Reston, VA            M38    1:45:43.11
 20.Jarrin, Robert           Washington, DC        M37    1:46:15.31
 21.Anderson, Matt           Fairfax, VA           M41    1:47:38.74
 22.Hoskin, Dominique        Ellicott City, MD     M14    1:47:50.44
 23.Bartholomew, Robert      Aberdeen, MD          M43    1:49:33.56
 24.Grimsley, Gary J         Springfield, VA       M53    1:49:55.94
 25.Van Allan, Alana         Baltimore, MD         F23    1:51:30.94
 26.Foster, Ryan             Bowie, MD             M27    1:51:31.96
 27.Laanisto, Peter J        Elkridge, MD          M30    1:51:58.37
 28.Hanle, Joseph            Columbia, MD          M50    1:52:43.44
 29.Knickman, Denise         Baltimore, MD         F39    1:52:53.97
 30.Hooke, Alex              Silver Spring, MD     M23    1:52:57.63
 31.Moorehouse, Dave         Ellicott City, MD     M40    1:53:10.19
 32.Foley, Linda             Herndon, VA           F45    1:53:36.61
 33.Senior, Malcolm          New Market, MD        M56    1:54:00.31
 34.Muething, Mary Beth      Arlington, VA         F29    1:54:12.61
 35.Costello, Sean M         Ellicott City, MD     M47    1:55:08.29
 36.Rumbaugh, Luke           Arbutus, MD           M21    1:55:29.38
 37.Kelvey, bill             Westminister, MD      M50    1:55:29.72
 38.fung, yukun              Silver Spring, MD     M29    1:55:42.97
 39.Steffen, Scott E         Laurel, MD            M35    1:55:51.44
 40.Toller, David            Columbia, MD          M17    1:56:41.04
 41.Bunting, Paul L          Arbutus, MD           M48    1:56:57.70
 42.Dernoga, Matthew         Laurel, MD            M19    1:57:47.78
 43.Rosario, Peter           Gaithersburg, MD      M48    1:57:54.44
 44.Carbary, James           Clarksville, MD       M56    1:58:02.59
 45.Price, John A            Virginia Beach, VA    M53    1:58:06.23
 46.Marty, Dylan             Columbia, MD          M16    1:58:56.39
 47.Lopez-Murphy, Pablo      Rockville, MD         M32    1:59:05.21
 48.Rooks, Brittney          Baltimore, MD         F13    1:59:15.41
 49.Huang, Eugene            Alexandria, VA        M31    1:59:25.45
 50.Compton, Norton L        Fairfax, VA           M53    1:59:52.24
 51.Oda, Yasuo               Ellicott City, MD     M45    2:00:02.71
 52.Sebring, Daniel          Columbia, MD          M26    2:00:07.09
 53.Zaron, Mike              Ellicott City, MD     M27    2:00:19.24
 54.Chapman, Donnie          Clarksville, MD       M46    2:00:24.89
 55.Gilmore, James           Ellicott City, MD     M37    2:00:59.54
 56.Neugebauer, Steve        Rising Sun, MD        M28    2:01:09.58
 57.Dominici, Francesca      Baltimore, MD         F38    2:01:18.01
 58.Peck, Henry              Unknown, NA           M50    2:01:44.75
 59.Cook, Simon              Clarksville, MD       M43    2:01:54.76
 60.Fulton, Bruce            Woodbine, MD          M36    2:02:07.33
 61.Stevenson, David         Abingdon, MD          M32    2:02:07.81
 62.LaCarte, Matt            Elkridge, MD          M28    2:02:08.71
 63.Stevenson, Robert        Abingdon, MD          M28    2:02:10.79
 64.Beckett, Dorothy         Columbia, MD          F50    2:02:18.97
 65.Warfield, Jerry N        Columbia, MD          M63    2:03:10.87
 66.Stenholm, Sari           Columbia, MD          F29    2:03:14.98
 67.Jennings, Von            Clarksville, MD       M59    2:03:32.08
 68.McIntyre, Janelle D      Ellicott City, MD     F42    2:03:36.05
 69.Pinit, Piriya            Catonsville, MD       M62    2:04:08.27
 70.Gonnella, Anne           Ellicott City, MD     F38    2:04:11.68
 71.Krause, David J          Clarksville, MD       M33    2:04:16.64
 72.Black, John D            Sykesville, MD        M41    2:04:18.25
 73.Traum, Jaeden            Baltimore, MD         M33    2:04:19.07
 74.Gill, John F             Fort Meade, MD        M31    2:04:31.70
 75.Chadwick, Jack           Columbia, MD          M32    2:04:32.86
 76.Cannon, Michael          Springfield, VA       M49    2:04:35.34
 77.Martin, Lorrin           Fulton, MD            M33    2:04:38.33
 78.Kirk-Davidoff, Daniel    Columbia, MD          M39    2:05:46.08
 79.Ford, Sandy              Columbia, MD          F46    2:05:55.03
 80.Parmigiani, Giovanni     Baltimore, MD         M48    2:06:13.05
 81.Scott, Janeth            Columbia, MD          F45    2:06:26.10
 82.Vanderland, Gary         Ellicott City, MD     M54    2:06:28.83
 83.Devlin, Dan              Silver Spring, MD     M53    2:06:41.44
 84.Yezek, Jennifer          Arlington, VA         F31    2:06:42.87
 85.Stahr, Bill              The Plains, VA        M47    2:06:48.74
 86.Osten, Troy D            Marriottsville, MD    M40    2:06:57.88
 87.Krall, Lon               Springfield, VA       M45    2:06:58.61
 88.Burger, Marc J           Columbia, MD          M35    2:07:10.00
 89.Silverman, Ed            Laurel, MD            M52    2:07:19.24
 90.Splete, Heidi            Washington, DC        F37    2:07:31.20
 91.Olivi, Lori              Perry Hall, MD        F29    2:07:42.51
 92.DeFronzo, Julian C       Ellicott City, MD     M17    2:08:01.38
 93.Battisti, Christopher J  Columbia, MD          M44    2:08:07.84
 94.Hellmers, Matthew        Cockeysville, MD      M31    2:08:17.20
 95.Both, Peter J            Fulton, MD            M35    2:08:32.80
 96.Schofield, Tom R         Ellicott City, MD     M47    2:08:39.94
 97.Brockmann, Heidi         Laurel, MD            F28    2:08:41.83
 98.Thomas, Heather          Pasadena, MD          F38    2:08:43.02
 99.Ebert, David             Elizabeth City, NC    M49    2:08:49.90
100.DiCocco, David           Sykesville, MD        M33    2:09:24.37
101.Greenlee, Mark           Clarksville, MD       M41    2:10:09.10
102.Barnes, Thomas           Severn, MD            M35    2:10:10.35
103.Young, Cheryl            Reston, VA            F38    2:10:28.09
104.Barber, Sonny            Falls Church, VA      M66    2:10:48.84
105.Hopkins, David           Baltimore, MD         M39    2:11:11.04
106.Vanous, Michael          Ellicott City, MD     M57    2:11:13.81
107.Brown, Kevin             College Park, MD      M20    2:11:27.44
108.Wieseman, Joseph         Washington, DC        M30    2:11:48.78
109.Sivo, Zachary            Ellicott City, MD     M15    2:11:51.77
110.Hauenstein, Logan        Columbia, MD          M27    2:11:58.10
111.Gong, Wesley             Ellicott City, MD     M15    2:12:03.02
112.Betka, Mark              Washington, DC        M38    2:12:48.99
113.Wallach, Matt            Brooklyn, NY          M26    2:14:05.18
114.Robertson, Brent P       Columbia, MD          M46    2:14:09.90
115.Pane, Richard            Herndon, VA           M64    2:14:14.44
116.Kadonoff, David          Silver Spring, MD     M44    2:14:16.64
117.Vanderland, Lauren E     Brighton, MA          F23    2:14:34.87
118.John, Victor A           Columbia, MD          M47    2:14:35.96
119.Warren, Dale             Columbia, MD          M33    2:15:19.84
120.Thompson, Elizabeth      Laurel, MD            F37    2:15:50.23
121.Clinger, Stephen         Ellicott City, MD     M49    2:16:01.32
122.Proebstle, Kathy         Columbia, MD          F27    2:16:06.94
123.Young, Karen C           Boyds, MD             F39    2:16:19.80
124.Applebaum, Gary E        Owings Mills, MD      M48    2:16:33.49
125.Del Grosso, Nick         Columbia, MD          M49    2:16:35.85
126.Gantt, Doyle             Clarksville, MD       M56    2:17:27.94
127.Lowenthal, Beth          Laurel, MD            F32    2:17:45.49
128.Ammons, Derek            Laurel, MD            M47    2:17:47.42
129.Paterna, Angela          Arlington, VA         F37    2:18:00.09
130.Johnson, Janice          Cooksville, MD        F36    2:18:02.67
131.Lombardo, Michael        Elkridge, MD          M40    2:18:03.21
132.Hill, Gregory            Kettering, MD         M46    2:18:11.86
133.Reichhuber, Martin       Washington, DC        M31    2:18:36.72
134.Coll, Denise             Alexandria, VA        F47    2:18:45.19
135.Puglisi, Larry           Gambrills, MD         M53    2:18:45.70
136.Weber, Ron               Ellicott City, MD     M55    2:18:56.00
137.Ashe, Jordana            Potomac, MD           F40    2:19:09.84
138.Nelson, Keith            Mechanicsburg, PA     M48    2:19:12.34
139.Parsley, Andrew          Baltimore, MD         M38    2:19:16.67
140.Rodriguez, Glenda        Odenton, MD           F28    2:19:19.53
141.Chirozzi, Michael        Ellicott City, MD     M39    2:19:21.00
142.Brown, Tom D             Glenelg, MD           M57    2:19:22.78
143.Resnick, Debra           Elkins Park, PA       F52    2:19:24.86
144.Wendler, Eric            Mt. Airy, MD          M42    2:19:34.24
145.Brouwers, Bob            Columbia, MD          M41    2:19:39.94
146.Campbell, Christopher    Perry Hall, MD        M32    2:19:41.96
147.Bartholomew, Cathleen    Aberdeen, MD          F49    2:19:50.86
148.Lawrence, Karin          Highland, MD          F37    2:21:02.97
149.King, John F             Dayton, MD            M42    2:21:03.35
150.Gordon, Kirk D           Mitchellville, MD     M51    2:21:27.14
151.Copsey, Kathleen         Laurel, MD            F33    2:21:29.15
152.Cagle, Jeff              Ellicott City, MD     M47    2:21:41.94
153.Redmond, Jane            Columbia, MD          F47    2:21:45.44
154.Lewis, Suzanne           Frederick, MD         F40    2:21:50.50
155.O'Keefe, Tim E           Monrovia, MD          M54    2:21:50.91
156.Attavian, Bruce          Hagerstown, MD        M58    2:21:51.34
157.Kohr, Scott              Westminister, MD      M46    2:21:55.74
158.Sauter, Carrie           Woodbine, MD          F33    2:21:57.40
159.Barner, Ross             Rockville, MD         M41    2:22:02.49
160.Smith, David             Catonsville, MD       M46    2:22:14.45
161.Hughes, Kristen          Columbia, MD          F32    2:22:26.09
162.Bolton, Marie            Baltimore, MD         F25    2:22:33.35
163.shipley, alison          Highland, MD          F19    2:22:39.86
164.shipley, nicole          Highland, MD          F19    2:22:40.29
165.Lang, Mary               Pasadena, MD          F53    2:22:53.70
166.Eyster, John             York, PA              M47    2:23:16.45
167.Smith, Steven            York, PA              M48    2:23:16.85
168.Woodbridge, Chris        Hyattsville, MD       M46    2:23:26.41
169.Koczur, Heather Marie    Alexandria, VA        F35    2:23:28.90
170.Fitzgerald, Michael A    Clarksville, MD       M42    2:23:45.20
171.Karlheim, David          Clarksville, MD       M49    2:23:45.80
172.Baldwin, Tom             Mechanicsburg, PA     M41    2:24:24.08
173.Nasuta, Tom              Baltimore, MD         M51    2:24:47.15
174.Rogers, Michael J        Laurel, MD            M43    2:24:53.31
175.Moraw, Margaret S        Columbia, MD          F27    2:25:12.61
176.Wilhelm, Gary            Woodstock, MD         M40    2:25:18.78
177.Shanks, Roger            Odenton, MD           M46    2:25:43.46
178.Wesolowski, Carol        Severn, MD            F41    2:26:05.49
179.Crooks, Carrie           Baltimore, MD         F29    2:26:15.44
180.Pang, Les                Silver Spring, MD     M54    2:26:18.17
181.Cipolla, Frank           Alexandria, VA        M41    2:26:19.37
182.Morris, John             Elkridge, MD          M45    2:26:24.94
183.Mooney, Tim              Ellicott City, MD     M45    2:26:25.46
184.Glose, Victoria          Baltimore, MD         F53    2:27:04.95
185.Hiza, Gabriel J          Columbia, MD          M64    2:27:34.59
186.Allen, Wendy L           Ellicott City, MD     F43    2:27:43.43
187.Archbald, Franklyn J     Columbia, MD          M59    2:27:50.13
188.Hilson, Bob              Owings Mills, MD      M0     2:27:52.99
189.Bates, Monica            Baltimore, MD         F45    2:27:53.40
190.Gamble, Christopher      Hagerstown, MD        M43    2:27:54.08
191.Updegraff, Karen         Mechanicsburg, PA     F42    2:28:02.97
192.Scott, Judith            Ellicott City, MD     F40    2:28:04.03
193.Burger, Chad             Columbia, MD          M29    2:28:30.09
194.Brinker, Mark w          Columbia, MD          M49    2:28:42.83
195.Grinde, Ingrid           Casanova, VA          F51    2:28:43.34
196.Platt, Robert            Arlington, VA         M56    2:29:05.48
197.Maria, Joseph            Baltimore, MD         M31    2:29:52.69
198.Hare, Laurie             Baltimore, MD         F32    2:29:55.10
199.Haskins, Lara            Baldwin, MD           F29    2:30:03.25
200.Carballo, William        Columbia, MD          M26    2:30:20.38
201.Richards, Patty          McLean, VA            F39    2:30:27.23
202.Shepherd, Sydney         Arlington, VA         F44    2:30:27.72
203.Johnson, Jill            Arlington, VA         F41    2:30:56.20
204.Riley, Chris             Annapolis, MD         M63    2:31:13.58
205.Harbin, Steven M         Woodbine, MD          M29    2:31:24.52
206.Kreft, Michael           Ellicott City, MD     M47    2:32:01.31
207.Weber, Judith            Ellicott City, MD     F48    2:32:04.93
208.Rodberg, Elliot          Jessup, MD            M47    2:32:21.76
209.Christ, James            Columbia, MD          M59    2:32:37.34
210.Jones, Christine         Arlington, VA         F41    2:33:19.25
211.Rose, Linda              Baltimore, MD         F56    2:33:30.85
212.walker, eric             Columbia, MD          M27    2:33:53.55
213.Nodine, Jean             Rockville, MD         F44    2:34:02.63
214.Lampe, Mike              Ellicott City, MD     M45    2:34:05.28
215.Kravitz, David           Columbia, MD          M29    2:34:21.82
216.Rooks, Lance             Baltimore, MD         M12    2:35:21.15
217.Rooks, Delvaughn         Baltimore, MD         M16    2:35:21.44
218.Wickenheiser, Dan        Elkridge, MD          M45    2:35:27.54
219.Campbell, Mary           Arlington, VA         F39    2:35:44.94
220.Corriere, Suzy           Ellicott City, MD     F33    2:36:07.97
221.Sumption, Donna          Alexandria, VA        F44    2:36:10.27
222.Hott, catherine          Great Falls, VA       F47    2:36:10.66
223.Larko, Megan             Laurel, MD            F44    2:36:25.67
224.Ourand, Patricia         Baltimore, MD         F51    2:36:27.80
225.Oates, Jack              Columbia, MD          M64    2:36:37.91
226.richter, patricia        Sykesville, MD        F46    2:36:53.54
227.Flynn, Barbara j         Ellicott City, MD     F40    2:37:12.93
228.Paroby, Vanessa          Baltimore, MD         F32    2:37:18.53
229.Bogan, Shane             Savage, MD            M48    2:37:19.42
230.Taylor, Nathan           Frederick, MD         M30    2:37:21.33
231.POLLEY, BERNARD          Kingsville, MD        M57    2:37:22.03
232.Sullivan, Doug           Clarksville, MD       M45    2:37:30.04
233.Hannigan, Wiebke         Sykesville, MD        F34    2:37:33.83
234.Walker, Charles          Olney, MD             M41    2:37:34.81
235.Kim, Susan               Laurel, MD            F39    2:37:41.85
236.Esposito, Anthony J      Arbutus, MD           M26    2:37:54.84
237.Lyons, Paul              Glenelg, MD           M55    2:38:01.51
238.Wolinski, Denise         Baltimore, MD         F29    2:38:37.00
239.Burke, Jerry F           Laurel, MD            M40    2:39:11.25
240.Spargo, Sarah            Sykesville, MD        F31    2:39:12.64
241.Rowley, Ginger A         Clarksville, MD       F46    2:39:41.48
242.Basch, Vladi F           Columbia, MD          M59    2:39:42.41
243.Morgan, Theresa          Adelphi, MD           F34    2:39:44.42
244.Ghaffarian, Zohreh       Columbia, MD          F56    2:40:05.75
245.Trott, Mike              Joppa, MD             M54    2:41:11.56
246.Lewis, Erik T            Frederick, MD         M44    2:41:16.04
247.Feinberg, Howard         Mt. Airy, MD          M41    2:42:00.55
248.Christenson, Glenn       Timonium, MD          M50    2:42:08.27
249.Saltz, Debra             Ellicott City, MD     F39    2:42:27.67
250.Dean, Trang              Ellicott City, MD     F42    2:43:15.35
251.Glassberg, Abby          Clarksville, MD       F47    2:43:15.99
252.Pilkington, Bonnie       Catonsville, MD       F41    2:43:18.04
253.Henderson, Clint         Columbia, MD          M51    2:43:25.10
254.Armiger, Debbie          Sparks, MD            F36    2:43:32.55
255.Hoffman, Melinda         Woodstock, MD         F37    2:43:32.93
256.Leonard, Marcia          Columbia, MD          F36    2:43:44.94
257.BRUDIEU, Marie-Anne      Columbia, MD          F25    2:43:53.77
258.Sherwood, Kristine       Baltimore, MD         F27    2:43:59.15
259.Smith, Roy               Laurel, MD            M35    2:44:12.08
260.Reardon, Ronald J        Arbutus, MD           M47    2:44:22.30
261.Upton, Michael           Elkridge, MD          M49    2:44:23.01
262.Walker, Norma            Ellicott City, MD     F54    2:44:24.60
263.Shimizu, Jhana           Columbia, MD          F45    2:44:30.86
264.Katkow, Eric A           Columbia, MD          M63    2:44:45.74
265.Paolucci, Theresa        Havre de Grace, MD    F35    2:44:58.64
266.Cooley, Tavis            Sykesville, MD        M35    2:44:59.82
267.Mintz, Donald            Joppa, MD             M52    2:45:51.17
268.Kelso, Jordan D          Columbia, MD          M34    2:46:05.39
269.Ziring, Neal             Columbia, MD          M44    2:46:14.76
270.Evers, Doug E            Clarksville, MD       M38    2:46:36.15
271.dolente, madeline        Baltimore, MD         F31    2:46:56.03
272.wendland, b              Columbia, MD          F46    2:47:01.74
273.Foreman, Rob             Adelphi, MD           M22    2:47:24.40
274.Feuerherd, Zachary       College Park, MD      M21    2:47:24.84
275.Holbrook, Matthew        Centreville, VA       M34    2:47:27.65
276.Bryant, Latrill          Baltimore, MD         F38    2:47:28.06
277.Brooks, Patricia E       Ellicott City, MD     F57    2:47:59.76
278.Atkinson, Robert         Bethesda, MD          M54    2:48:23.19
279.Mroczkowski, Gretchen    York Haven, PA        F46    2:48:26.85
280.Byerly, Jessica          Camp Hill, PA         F29    2:48:35.70
281.Byerly, Timothy          Camp Hill, PA         M34    2:48:36.11
282.Peterson, Luann          Centreville, VA       F42    2:48:36.61
283.Boys, Joe                Columbia, MD          M68    2:51:01.03
284.White-McFadden, Angela   Baltimore, MD         F34    2:51:02.71
285.Fox, Richard C           Ellicott City, MD     M60    2:51:08.52
286.frank, jeff              Washington, DC        M47    2:51:10.45
287.Reid, Robert             Ellicott City, MD     M36    2:51:39.77
288.Krasnopoler, Mitchell    Ellicott City, MD     M50    2:51:47.60
289.Spedden, Janet           Clarksville, MD       F49    2:51:47.93
290.Maiorana, Anthony        Boonsboro, MD         M20    2:51:51.97
291.Boys, Sandy              Columbia, MD          F56    2:51:55.29
292.Magsipoc, Robert         Chevy Chase, MD       M25    2:52:16.74
293.Hilliard, Abigail        Sykesville, MD        F35    2:52:34.74
294.Luz, Friedrich           Washington, DC        M56    2:53:05.44
295.Shoemaker, Heidi         Westminister, MD      F22    2:53:12.74
296.MacCormack, Bill         Ellicott City, MD     M65    2:53:14.84
297.Dorsey, Timothy          Columbia, MD          M26    2:53:41.43
298.Howe, Tiffany            Columbia, MD          F29    2:53:41.89
299.Sachs, Theresa           Columbia, MD          F44    2:53:56.67
300.Heiliger, Phil           Columbia, MD          M55    2:53:57.04
301.Eagan, Michael           Baltimore, MD         M25    2:54:48.85
302.Gething, Mandy           Clarksville, MD       F43    2:55:33.56
303.Gutierrez, Fanny         Baltimore, MD         F34    2:56:05.49
304.Ourand, Kathleen         Baltimore, MD         F50    2:56:10.88
305.Bliden, Kevin            Sykesville, MD        M38    2:56:54.79
306.Luttrell, Glenn R        Gore, VA              M64    2:57:30.40
307.Gettier, Robert          Clarksville, MD       M35    2:59:05.55
308.Jessen, Valerie          Arnold, MD            F51    2:59:16.59
309.Krueger, Lisa            Washington, DC        F52    2:59:37.96
310.Jefferson, Mary L        Rockville, MD         F60    2:59:39.73
311.Cohen - Tomlinson, Marth Chevy Chase, MD       F48    2:59:40.57
312.Jansen, Anicca           Takoma Park, MD       F54    3:00:09.14
313.Iannuzzi, Jo             Marriottsville, MD    M47    3:02:49.15
314.Skorbiansky, Shirley     Rockville, MD         F47    3:03:13.52
315.Warren, Rachel           Camp Hill, PA         F38    3:04:33.34
316.Thomas, Evan             Crofton, MD           M66    3:05:39.77
317.Padgett, Linda           Baltimore, MD         F52    3:06:05.34
318.Shahegh, Mohammad h      Clarksville, MD       M52    3:07:00.97
319.Ghaffari, Sid            Frederick, MD         M55    3:07:02.40
320.Camacho, Jose            Ellicott City, MD     M32    3:08:21.43
321.Knight, Amy              Columbia, MD          F34    3:08:30.24
322.Campbell, Kati           Ellicott City, MD     F37    3:08:30.77
323.Vale, Arnat              Elkridge, MD          M37    3:08:31.27
324.Kelly, Bernard m         Ellicott City, MD     M52    3:09:22.44
325.Perry, Josephus          Adelphi, MD           M57    3:10:16.36
326.Levin, Theodore          Baltimore, MD         M63    3:10:26.63
327.Graf, Tami               Lusby, MD             F71    3:10:36.17
328.Garner, Michael          College Park, MD      M49    3:14:41.45
329.Stepan, Anne             Elkridge, MD          F35    3:14:59.19
330.Dee, Mike                Mt. Airy, MD          M42    3:15:03.02
331.Groom, Matt              Laurel, MD            M40    3:15:03.66
332.Collins, John H          Columbia, MD          M65    3:15:56.76
333.Bennett, Deanna          Odenton, MD           F33    3:16:47.00
334.Oldes, Pamela            Alexandria, VA        F28    3:16:47.48
335.Brown, Douglas H         Mt. Airy, MD          M47    3:21:23.74
336.osborne, cathy           Burtonsville, MD      F50    3:23:27.73
337.Cain, Terri L            Glen Burnie, MD       F33    3:26:41.24
Columbia Metric 5K 2007 - 5K,  12/2/2007
Pl  Name                     HomeTown                 Age   Time
  1.Santoro, Robert          No. Quincy, MA           M23   16:09.74
  2.Stenholm, Pekka          Columbia, MD             M34   16:34.38
  3.Jacobson, Andrew         Washington, DC           M30   17:23.38
  4.McGrath, Jim             Baltimore, MD            M33   18:03.04
  5.Sufczynski, Christopher  Baltimore, MD            M16   18:18.18
  6.Keane, Brian             Ellicott City, MD        M30   18:22.83
  7.Chall, John W            Jessup, MD               M50   18:58.04
  8.Olivi, Gary              Perry Hall, MD           M30   18:59.86
  9.Wood, Noah               Columbia, MD             M24   19:17.77
 10.Palmer, Stephen          Ellicott City, MD        M38   19:25.94
 11.Toth, Joe                Clarksville, MD          M20   19:50.44
 12.Carroll, Brian           Silver Spring, MD        M52   19:53.53
 13.Philips, Stephen         Mt. Airy, MD             M18   19:57.18
 14.McFadden, Weems          Columbia, MD             M50   19:59.36
 15.Orlofsky, Greg           Columbia, MD             M34   20:02.14
 16.Schmitt, John            Finksburg, MD            M50   20:10.54
 17.Zerfas, Patricia         Kensington, MD           F45   20:19.76
 18.Barry, Samuel            Columbia, MD             M18   20:23.74
 19.Grenagle, Matthew        Glenelg, MD              M17   20:24.05
 20.Muething, Katie          Arlington, VA            F22   20:25.37
 21.Porter, Ryan             College Park, MD         M21   20:27.01
 22.O'Malley, Chris          Ellicott City, MD        M16   20:32.62
 23.boyle, mackey            Columbia, MD             M15   20:35.45
 24.Worley, Mark             Columbia, MD             M22   20:37.69
 25.Wegner, Michael          Columbia, MD             M11   20:42.34
 26.Elliott, John            Columbia, MD             M69   20:56.96
 27.Howe, Tim                Ellicott City, MD        M45   21:00.90
 28.bell, Les D              York, PA                 M60   21:01.81
 29.Sevik, Kenneth           Ellicott City, MD        M42   21:20.67
 30.Appel, Lawrence J        Ellicott City, MD        M52   21:22.18
 31.Lepore, Greg             Columbia, MD             M37   21:25.55
 32.Baker, Toby              Baltimore, MD            M32   21:31.48
 33.O'Malley, Edward         Ellicott City, MD        M45   21:33.16
 34.Magana Escobar, Carlos   Columbia, MD             M25   22:08.04
 35.Dyer, Will               Ellicott City, MD        M16   22:11.43
 36.Haden, Alex              Ellicott City, MD        M15   22:15.01
 37.Worley, Bruce            Columbia, MD             M22   22:18.73
 38.Iberg, Will              Columbia, MD             M23   22:23.48
 39.Arbelaez, Bill           Columbia, MD             M50   22:29.29
 40.Rogers, Nathaniel        Silver Spring, MD        M13   22:32.94
 41.Hogan, David             Columbia, MD             M48   22:43.59
 42.Ross, Adam               Ellicott City, MD        M16   22:44.64
 43.Fleming, Mike            Columbia, MD             M62   22:57.10
 44.Haddaway, Julie          Taneytown, MD            F22   23:12.18
 45.Blank, Peter             Annandale, VA            M53   23:19.84
 46.Barranco, Joseph         Rehobeth Beach, DE       M55   23:28.67
 47.Clark, Bryan             Woodbine, MD             M45   23:31.48
 48.Marcelli, Carmine        Ellicott City, MD        M44   23:32.91
 49.Wegner, Paul             Columbia, MD             M43   23:39.97
 50.Pieper, Joseph           Ellicott City, MD        M27   23:45.44
 51.Hauss, Debbie            West Orange, NJ          F46   23:47.93
 52.Tade, Jack               Falls Church, VA         M43   23:48.89
 53.Sanders, Christopher     Ellicott City, MD        M33   23:49.31
 54.Lake, Ray                Ellicott City, MD        M47   23:50.26
 55.Davis, Deborah           Catonsville, MD          F38   23:52.73
 56.Atterbury, Jon           Fort Meade, MD           M35   23:55.98
 57.Spicer, Ryan             Clarksville, MD          M14   24:00.85
 58.Nardello, Jennifer       Baltimore, MD            F33   24:02.43
 59.Earp, Michael            Westminister, MD         M52   24:02.93
 60.Hogue, David             Laurel, MD               M29   24:14.64
 61.Wegner, Kathleen         Columbia, MD             F42   24:21.20
 62.Hankin, Stephanie        Arlington, VA            F26   24:32.79
 63.Palks, Jon               Bowie, MD                M58   24:34.69
 64.Hill, Ron                Columbia, MD             M45   24:36.06
 65.Pickett, Brian           Mt. Airy, MD             M48   24:40.34
 66.Lancos, Andy             Columbia, MD             M23   24:50.33
 67.Helms, Scott             Arlington, VA            M27   24:51.78
 68.Miller, Lorionna         Manchester, MD           F40   24:53.45
 69.bowker, jennie           Brookeville, MD          F28   24:53.68
 70.Patchan, Robert          Columbia, MD             M41   24:58.02
 71.Rau, Daniel              Ellicott City, MD        M12   25:09.34
 72.Demaree, Marsha          Marriottsville, MD       F43   25:13.14
 73.Schofield, Kelly         Ellicott City, MD        F14   25:15.34
 74.Koczur, Jason            Alexandria, VA           M32   25:22.60
 75.Blake, Crystal           Fork, MD                 F40   25:24.96
 76.Lavoie, Angela M         Columbia, MD             F28   25:25.55
 77.Lin, Pattie              Ellicott City, MD        F16   25:28.35
 78.Podbielski, Mary         Reisterstown, MD         F52   25:30.28
 79.Rogers, Elizabeth        Silver Spring, MD        F48   25:33.35
 80.Kirk-Davidoff, Paul      Columbia, MD             M11   25:36.18
 81.Estes, Bridgett          Westminister, MD         F15   25:38.67
 82.Haden, Caroline          Ellicott City, MD        F13   25:43.00
 83.Haden, Scott             Ellicott City, MD        M42   25:43.29
 84.Daly, Steve              Crofton, MD              M42   26:03.24
 85.Sevrin, Larry            Ellicott City, MD        M40   26:13.49
 86.Kirk-Davidoff, Isaac     Columbia, MD             M11   26:21.19
 87.Spicer, Andrew           Clarksville, MD          M42   26:23.56
 88.Calvert, Roger L         Ellicott City, MD        M57   26:25.76
 89.Riesz, Charlie           Ellicott City, MD        M47   26:27.02
 90.Kuderna, Maria T         Odenton, MD              F48   26:30.78
 91.Cutulle, Lyn             Ellicott City, MD        M53   26:31.54
 92.McKown, Jeff             Ellicott City, MD        M45   26:42.36
 93.McCown, Susanne          Finksburg, MD            F44   26:48.91
 94.Black, Debra A           Sykesville, MD           F42   26:52.04
 95.Burnett, Derrick         Randallstown, MD         M17   26:55.14
 96.Lancos, Steve            Columbia, MD             M56   26:56.78
 97.Allen, Diane             Cockeysville, MD         F53   27:00.41
 98.Powell, Valerie          Elkridge, MD             F28   27:01.69
 99.Janiszewski, Anthony     Ellicott City, MD        M14   27:09.44
100.Sobel, Janet             Arlington, VA            F26   27:09.76
101.Thompson, Nancy          Columbia, MD             F48   27:10.51
102.Howe, Emily F            Ellicott City, MD        F33   27:11.19
103.Cederbaum, Alison        Columbia, MD             F21   27:12.89
104.Lancos, Courtney         Columbia, MD             F26   27:13.58
105.Fagan, Stephanie         Columbia, MD             F34   27:18.52
106.Ronning, Cathy           Laurel, MD               F52   27:19.18
107.Titcomb, Tim             Marriottsville, MD       M51   27:20.64
108.Davila, Emma M           Olney, MD                F53   27:27.21
109.McCarthy, Alexandra      Columbia, MD             F15   27:33.08
110.Miller, Scott W          Clarksville, MD          M47   27:37.94
111.Janiszewski, Sam         Ellicott City, MD        M12   27:42.63
112.Rau, Marie               Ellicott City, MD        F16   27:42.87
113.Wilson, Colleen          Ellicott City, MD        F14   27:43.15
114.Hafer, Anne              Frederick, MD            F54   27:57.18
115.Vecera, Heidi            Columbia, MD             F29   27:58.78
116.Jee, Tom                 Laurel, MD               M32   27:59.38
117.Ziring, Julia A          Columbia, MD             F45   28:08.59
118.Bliden, Jennifer         Sykesville, MD           F34   28:09.38
119.Ally, Sammie             Columbia, MD             M50   28:20.44
120.Brenneman, Ashley        Manchester, MD           F21   28:33.52
121.Stabler, Sandra          Baltimore, MD            F36   28:36.10
122.Remy, Carol              Westminister, MD         F47   28:47.38
123.Kruus, Kirsten           Clarksville, MD          F9    29:14.75
124.Kruus, Peter             Clarksville, MD          M39   29:15.10
125.Lundgren, Hans           Columbia, MD             M41   29:27.78
126.Counter, Jennifer        Washington, DC           F28   29:31.75
127.Barretta, Stephen        Columbia, MD             M59   29:44.16
128.WADDELL, Ronnie          Westminister, MD         M48   29:48.30
129.Wolhar, Robert C         Rehobeth Beach, DE       M59   29:59.59
130.Vample, Cheryl           Columbia, MD             F48   30:09.78
131.Webster, Lucas           Columbia, MD             M37   30:10.48
132.Andrews, Mike            Columbia, MD             M39   30:11.48
133.Cederbaum, Kenneth       Columbia, MD             M54   30:17.75
134.Nard, Mikie              Columbia, MD             F53   30:19.30
135.Sullivan, Dwight         Arnold, MD               M46   30:22.83
136.Callahan, Kathleen       Columbia, MD             F38   30:24.63
137.McCarthy, Jillain        Columbia, MD             F15   30:25.99
138.McCarthy, Tom            Columbia, MD             M54   30:28.21
139.Janiszewski, Paul        Ellicott City, MD        M10   30:31.45
140.Alosta, Janeen           Baltimore, MD            F35   30:43.48
141.Kai, Joanna              Ellicott City, MD        F47   30:43.90
142.Raynor, Amanda           Westfield, PA            F31   30:48.24
143.Kauffman, Lara           Latrobe, PA              F31   30:48.54
144.Cecil, Joseph            Brookeville, MD          M52   31:00.29
145.Newbern, Pam             Fort Meade, MD           F47   31:14.69
146.Anderer, Kenneth         Frederick, MD            M59   31:18.28
147.Lopas, Sarah             Washington, DC           F28   31:32.05
148.Yep, Ray                 Ellicott City, MD        M44   31:33.14
149.Farrar, Rodney           Leesburg, VA             M55   31:34.50 los Reyes, Rick       Gambrills, MD            M32   31:44.24
151.Mitchell, Richard        Columbia, MD             M62   31:52.90
152.Styczynski, Carla        Clarksville, MD          F54   32:04.17
153.Rubinstein, Alex         Reisterstown, MD         M30   32:05.54
154.Muir, Jessie             Washington, DC           F30   32:12.85
155.McKown, Hanna            Ellicott City, MD        F12   32:17.35
156.Tow, Michael             Clarksville, MD          M39   32:19.57
157.Trapp, Julie A           Silver Spring, MD        F63   32:27.84
158.Brinker, John            Ellicott City, MD        M67   32:44.00
159.Jones, Carla             Silver Spring, MD        F36   32:44.96
160.Hunn, Marsha             Elkridge, MD             F40   32:46.08
161.Tonkins Sr, William      Ellicott City, MD        M60   32:57.44
162.Janiszewski, Natalie     Ellicott City, MD        F40   33:10.13
163.Janiszewski, Rick        Ellicott City, MD        M39   33:13.40
164.Goone, Sara              Ellicott City, MD        F47   33:27.00
165.Meyerson, Ted            Highland, MD             M74   33:28.14
166.McKown, Kelsey           Ellicott City, MD        F15   34:01.07
167.Thompson, Penny          Ellicott City, MD        F47   34:01.60
168.Cagle, Barbara           Columbia, MD             F49   34:30.04
169.Harrington, Tina         Bowie, MD                F34   34:38.50
170.Maione, Julie            Columbia, MD             F33   34:44.24
171.Gilbert, Jordynn         Ellicott City, MD        F9    35:07.66
172.Gilbert, Cindy           Ellicott City, MD        F39   35:08.46
173.Overbeck, Stefany        Crofton, MD              F41   35:40.00
174.Powell, Michelle         Rehobeth Beach, DE       F50   35:41.52
175.Elam, Kenneth            Smellville, GA           M39   35:44.24
176.Reed, Michael            Laurel, MD               M36   35:51.97
177.Roberson, George         Unknown, NA              M59   36:08.07
178.Coll, Tiana L            Woodbine, MD             F31   36:17.65
179.Graham, Pamela           Clarksville, MD          F54   36:24.67
180.Toth, Elizabeth          Clarksville, MD          F63   36:28.04
181.Wegner, Kevin            Columbia, MD             M9    36:59.93
182.Betancourt, Nicole       Columbia, MD             F32   37:23.70
183.Calvert, Barbara         Ellicott City, MD        F57   37:41.43
184.Petralia, Lauren         Annapolis, MD            F23   37:42.93
185.Alhambra, Christine      Arnold, MD               F22   37:43.21
186.Byron, Beverly L         Ellicott City, MD        F54   37:56.87
187.Burger, Melissa L        Columbia, MD             F35   38:24.89
188.Janiszewski, Marie       Ellicott City, MD        F36   38:39.78
189.Denzler, Sheila          Columbia, MD             F39   38:50.74
190.Stone, Elizabeth         Columbia, MD             F34   39:10.48
191.McKown, Sylvia           Ellicott City, MD        F45   39:12.50
192.Gunzelman, John          Columbia, MD             M66   39:14.78
193.Murphy, Stacy            Baltimore, MD            F41   39:46.07
194.Wilson, Amy              Laurel, MD               F43   39:46.55
195.Alhambra, Susan          Arnold, MD               F49   39:46.97
196.Vorwerk, Jason           Columbia, MD             M33   40:04.16
197.Hafner, Jennifer         Annapolis, MD            F30   40:19.84
198.Dockery, Patty           Annapolis, MD            F41   40:20.51
199.Pieper, Josephine        Ellicott City, MD        F63   40:27.00
200.Schmitt, Christa         Finksburg, MD            F47   41:23.94
201.Bentley, Lori            Manchester, MD           F43   41:24.38
202.Weber, Judy              Columbia, MD             F67   42:13.97
203.Marable, Janice          Owings Mills, MD         F33   42:15.51
204.Frazier, Steward         Ellicott City, MD        M74   44:10.94
205.Ives, Charles            Baltimore, MD            M58   44:44.01
206.Daly, Michael            Crofton, MD              M14   45:34.05
207.Neault, Leo              Columbia, MD             M77   46:42.59
208.Guy, Jeff                Columbia, MD             M27   47:54.10
209.Guy, Ron                 Ellicott City, MD        M58   47:54.78
210.Kunze, Savannah          Beltsville, MD           F8    52:47.17
211.Kunze, Victor            Silver Spring, MD        M41   54:11.64
212.Stubleski, Kassie        Columbia, MD             F34   54:12.89
213.Moeglein, Vivian         Odenton, MD              F30   54:40.20
214.Morton, Desiree          Elkridge, MD             F34   55:41.09
215.Warren, Danielle         Columbia, MD             F34   55:42.31
216.Barretta, Connie         Columbia, MD             F59   55:43.31