All Fruit Relay

All Fruit Relay
May 26, 2019

11 teams and their fruits completed this year’s Howard County Striders All Fruit Relay, running 4 legs of 2 miles each while carrying a piece of fruit for a baton. Team Lemon Show You How It’s Done, the 2-man team of John Chall and Steve Turner, showed us how it’s done with a winning finish in 52:21. No fruits were harmed during the running of this race.

Race Lead: John Bratiotis
Volunteers: Joan Chall, Melinda Krummerich, Lynda Allera, Greg Potter

 1.   52:21     Lemon Show You How It's Done
                    John Chall
                    Steve Turner
                    John Chall
                    Steve Turner
 2.   55:33     The Heat's Kiwining Me
                    Richard Griffiths
                    Chloe Griffiths
                    Evan Griffiths
 3.   56:41     Hopper
 4. 1:00:23     You'll Never Ketchup
                    Dwight Mikulis
                    Matt Bevan
                    Bill Brown
                    Hafiz Shaikh
 5. 1:04:03     We're the Zest
                    Samantha Kieley
                    Jill Snodgrass
                    Allison Lacey
                    Pamela Jock
 6. 1:05:26     Team Durian
                    Jake Johnson
                    Dan Leibel
                    Lauren Faulkner
                    Eddie Davis
 7. 1:07:59     The Orangeman
                    Kirk Gordon
 8. 1:08:38     Orange You Glad You Ran Today?
                    Mei Chen
                    Linda Mattes
                    Alyssa Mattes
                    Alan Tominack
 9. 1:15:16     Revenge of the Slaughtermelons
                    Kendra Smith
                    Rob Galvin
                    Randy Wannemacher
                    Kevin Young
10. 1:23:36     What's Up
                    Sharlene Deskins
                    Jeanette Novak
                    Hans D. Meurer
                    James Scarborough
11. 1:28:54     When Life Gives You Lemons
                    Leah Bevil
                    Eileen Larth
                    Anna Bevil
                    Brandon Mueller