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Experienced Coaches
To help train you and the group every Tuesday evening @ Oakland Mills area, monitor your progress via online logging tools such as Running Ahead. Coaches will also give you timely feedback and advice to help maximize your potential !
Training Plans
15 week Training program that targets a Half or Full marathon – leading up to Baltimore or MCM or your target Fall marathon. Three specific Plan levels depending on your current fitness level and race goals
Featured Speakers
We will feature expert speakers to help educate you on efficient running form, shoe types, Injury Prevention, Nutrition, Race Preparation and other import running and race related topics !
Baltimore medals - 2Half/Full Premium
Group Workouts + Fun !
Ready to work hard on challenging workouts AND have fun while training with your fellow group participants and coaches?
Race Goal Success!
Armed with enthusiasm and following the training principles and coaching guidance, you will be well positioned to achieve your goals !
Premium! And Post Party !
The best part? You’ll receive a high quality full-zip fleece jacket Premium (Women and Men specific) with commemorative Striders logo to wear proudly and always remember this experience! And a post training pizza party to celebrate success !!