Mission Statement

The Summer Striders is a resource designed for high school and college age runners pursuing excellence in cross country. Three nights (6:30pm) a week the coaches prescribe medium paced runs of 3 and 5 miles at the beginning of the program and increase the distance throughout the summer. The goal is to build a solid base so the runners body will be prepared for what their coaches have planned for them to do when the season begins in mid-August. Starts Monday June 5 and ends August 3. This is not a program for beginners but it’s definitely not just for the elite runners either. You need to be able to run 3 miles without stopping before you join the program. We will encourage you to participate in as many practices each week as you can during the Summer of 2017 but feel free to join even if you can only make one practice a week or a week here and there. Come when you can, we know everyone can’t make every practice but please be committed to run at least 4 times a week. Monday at Oakland Mills High (meet by the track) at 6:30pm, Wednesday at Rockburn Branch Park (meet at the pavilion at the end of the driveway off of Montgomery Rd) at 6:30pm and Thursday at Atholton High (meet on the left side of the school) at 6:30pm. Email coachlang@hotmail.com with questions!

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