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2006 Metric Marathon 26.2K Overall Results

2006 Metric Marathon 26.2K Awards

2006 Metric Marathon 26.2K Improvements

2006 Metric Marathon 5K Overall Results

2006 Metric Marathon 5K Awards

“Everybody seemed to know Jason,” Luke Kimmel said about running the 30th Annual Metric Marathon on December 3. From a town near Philadelphia, PA, Kimmel had gravitated to the Metric Marathon in Columbia, MD, simply because he wanted to run a long race in preparation for the Houston Marathon in January. None of the local runners knew him, and suddenly he appeared to be contending with two of the best, Jason Tripp and Dave Berardi, both of whom had won the event in past years. The three found themselves running close together about nine miles into the 16.3-mile race when Kimmel began to run harder. By ten miles he had pulled into the lead. “I don’t know who he was,” Berardi commented, “but he was sure good on the hills.” Kimmel confided that two of the hills were difficult, but he was still able to “cruise” through the final several miles, winning in 1:33:32. “There ought to be a rule against that,” Jason Tripp commented after finishing second about a minute behind.

In the women’s race, Justine Whipple of the U.S. Naval Academy ran so fast that she had no apparent competition except for a few male runners. “She passed me around eight miles,” said a somewhat disgruntled Steve Olenick. Whipple usually runs 10k races and did no specific training for the Metric Marathon. Nevertheless, she held a steady pace throughout the race and beat second-place Kristen Malloy by over five minutes. The race marked the first time Midshipman Whipple had ever run 16 miles. “I liked the hills,” she remarked. In winning the women’s division, Whipple finished seventh overall in the field.

Two local favorites did win the master’s competition, and both finished third in their respective gender groups. Howard County Strider Hall of Famer Dave Berardi actually contended for the lead at one point, but then fell back to finish third overall in 1:35:04. Strider Female Runner of the Year (2005) Robyn Humphrey really enjoyed running with a gaggle of men, and she passed several women in working her way up through the women’s field. “Robyn did all the talking in our group,” George Orlean (3rd, 45-49M) said about her performance.

A 5 km event was held for those not up to running a full Metric Marathon, a 5k. Mike Pfarr of Jarretsville blasted the field with a course-record of 15:34, leaving local favorite Mark Breitenbach to hang on for second. Mark’s wife Katie earned some measure of redemption, however, by winning the women’s division of the short-distance event (19:03).

A total of 311 competed in the Metric Marathon, while 510 ran the 5k race. The 5k field was greatly increased from its usual numbers by an influx of Girls on the Run of Baltimore. Sponsored by Hadassah of Greater Baltimore, Girls on the Run promotes a healthy life-style and self-respect though coaching the sport of running to girls from third through eighth grade. The 5k race provided a supportive, non-competitive venue for the girls to practice their sport.

At least some Metric Marathoners got off to a late start, perhaps because the confused the 8:15 AM start of the Metric with the 8:20 AM start of the 5k. Doug Kuderna started three minutes late, but that only inspired him to charge through the field to eventually claim first place in the 45-49 men (1:46:52). Ronnie Wong, however, claimed to have been using the porta-potty when the race began, could not manage to win back much time, and finished third in his 60-64 men’s age group in 2:08:39. “That’s the worst excuse I’ve ever heard,” said Jerry Warfield, who won that age group in 1:59:21 and was, in fact, Ronnie’s principle competitor.

The Howard County Striders stage the Metric Marathon and 5k every autumn. To prevent competition with major marathons in October and November, this year’s event moved from October to December, where it was originally. The runners seemed happy with this arrangement. Age group winners received large commemorative plaques and gift certificates from Feet First of Wilde Lake. In addition to a multi-colored t-shirt, all finishers also received signature Metric Marathon running gloves.

John and Ann Worley directed the Metric Marathon, which celebrated its 30th birthday. They wish to thank the Howard County Police, the Oakland Mills High School students and the Boy Scouts of America at the water stops, and the dozens of course marshals who got out early on a cold Sunday morning.

by Jim Carbary


Columbia Metric Marathon 2006 - 26.2K,  12/3/2006
Pl  Name                     HomeTown              Age   Time
  1.Kimmel, Luke             Conshowocken, PA      M27   1:33:32.44
  2.Tripp, Jason I           Ellicott City, MD     M34   1:34:34.93
  3.Berardi, Dave            Baltimore, MD         M46   1:35:04.34
  4.Banchy, Tom              Catonsville, MD       M39   1:36:52.27
  5.Fleming, Brian           Columbia, MD          M24   1:41:23.87
  6.Timm, Nathan             Mont Village, MD      M26   1:43:14.92
  7.Whipple, Justine         Annapolis, MD         F21   1:43:18.27
  8.Olenick, Stephen M       Ellicott City, MD     M30   1:44:57.74
  9.Smith, Gene              Burke, VA             M42   1:45:05.48
 10.Tebbe, Matt              Silver Spring, MD     M30   1:45:52.56
 11.Brown, Karsten           Front Royal, VA       M32   1:46:09.26
 12.Kuderna, Doug T          Odenton, MD           M45   1:46:52.54
 13.mason, mike              Alexandria, VA        M36   1:46:53.64
 14.Moberg, Alex             Ellicott City, MD     M16   1:47:27.61
 15.Malloy, Kristen          Phoenix, MD           F15   1:48:51.26
 16.Ashe, Gregory            Rockville, MD         M40   1:49:14.54
 17.Wood, Noah               Columbia, MD          M23   1:49:40.68
 18.Applegate, Marc          Woodstock, MD         M38   1:49:47.08
 19.Grier, Jeffrey J         Ellicott City, MD     M52   1:50:06.04
 20.Whitman, John            Ithaca, NY            M52   1:50:16.03
 21.Burns, Bob               Columbia, MD          M54   1:50:36.20
 22.Brown, Thomas            Annapolis, MD         M21   1:51:03.05
 23.Malloy, Patrick          Phoenix, MD           M47   1:51:04.05
 24.Olean, George A          Ellicott City, MD     M46   1:51:48.35
 25.Crisman, Mark            Fort Meade, MD        M43   1:52:04.20
 26.Hein, Jason              Severn, MD            M27   1:52:09.73
 27.Greenberg, Paul          Pittsburgh, PA        M38   1:52:51.41
 28.Stanton, Kyle            Columbia, MD          M15   1:52:58.69
 29.Humphrey, Robyn L        Ellicott City, MD     F42   1:53:07.31
 30.LaChance, Steve          Baltimore, MD         M24   1:53:13.66
 31.DeFronzo, Julian C       Ellicott City, MD     M16   1:53:33.84
 32.Maldeis, Pamela          Baltimore, MD         F24   1:53:38.27
 33.Hanle, Joseph            Columbia, MD          M49   1:53:56.40
 34.Hogan, Gregory M         Columbia, MD          M26   1:53:57.84
 35.Gessler, Bobby           Ellicott City, MD     M49   1:54:01.76
 36.Olivi, Gary              Perry Hall, MD        M29   1:54:09.04
 37.Elliott, Nicola          Vienna, VA            F40   1:54:13.93
 38.Clark, Joshua            Ellicott City, MD     M16   1:55:34.97
 39.Mazumder, Sandeep        Unknown, NA           M24   1:55:38.94
 40.Traub, Jean              Alexandria, VA        F36   1:55:50.24
 41.Gardner, Mark            Sidman, PA            M52   1:56:01.98
 42.Jones, Elizabeth         Fairfax, VA           F29   1:56:04.68
 43.Simon, Whitney           Washington, DC        F24   1:56:06.89
 44.Jones, Shawn             Alexandria, VA        M32   1:56:36.26
 45.Winkert, Tom             Unknown, NA           M42   1:57:15.29
 46.Levickas, Stephen        Woodstock, MD         M40   1:57:47.56
 47.Dyer, Steve              Ellicott City, MD     M52   1:57:49.25
 48.May, Willilam            Columbia, MD          M52   1:58:10.74
 49.Van Allan, Alana         Baltimore, MD         F22   1:58:12.62
 50.Fichman, Lisa C          Columbia, MD          F45   1:58:18.21
 51.Carbary, James           Clarksville, MD       M55   1:58:32.32
 52.Steffen, Scott E         Laurel, MD            M34   1:58:38.47
 53.Studt, Lenore            Columbia, MD          F41   1:58:43.24
 54.Warfield, Jerry N        Columbia, MD          M62   1:59:21.31
 55.Mitchell, Rick M         Clarksville, MD       M40   1:59:51.96
 56.Feldman, Tomer           Elkridge, VA          M38   2:00:27.84
 57.Garcia, Michael          Fayetteville, NC      M45   2:00:29.18
 58.desmond, brian           Baltimore, MD         M28   2:00:40.74
 59.Oda, Yasuo               Ellicott City, MD     M44   2:01:00.67
 60.Price, John A            Virginia Beach, VA    M52   2:01:02.15
 61.Hoskin, Dominique        Ellicott City, MD     M13   2:01:06.30
 62.Stahr, Bill              The Plains, VA        M46   2:01:16.23
 63.Dobson, Stephan          Thurmont, MD          M45   2:01:58.14
 64.Devlin, Dan              Silver Spring, MD     M52   2:02:12.66
 65.McIntyre, Janelle D      Ellicott City, MD     F41   2:02:39.24
 66.Blake, Carl              Silver Spring, MD     M34   2:02:43.88
 67.Costello, Sean M         Columbia, MD          M46   2:03:06.45
 68.Zeigler, Sean            Baltimore, MD         M29   2:03:31.55
 69.Dao, Ling                Fairfax, VA           M29   2:03:32.46
 70.Smoker, Brian            Baltimore, MD         M33   2:03:47.48
 71.Strong, Brian            York, PA              M38   2:04:13.53
 72.Traum, Jaeden            Baltimore, MD         M32   2:04:15.12
 73.Waskowicz, Bruce         Denver, PA            M45   2:04:20.09
 74.Farris, Laura            Glen Burnie, MD       F26   2:04:23.35
 75.Hanchak, Stephen         Sykesville, MD        M39   2:04:40.10
 76.Beckett, Dorothy         Columbia, MD          F49   2:04:42.17
 77.Black, John D            Sykesville, MD        M40   2:04:43.39
 78.Rotolo, Stephan P        Columbia, MD          M18   2:04:53.63
 79.Battisti, Christopher    Columbia, MD          M43   2:05:02.26
 80.Way, John                Mont Village, MD      M41   2:05:33.48
 81.Krause, David J          Clarksville, MD       M32   2:05:56.94
 82.Davison, Albert          Washington, DC        M28   2:06:03.02
 83.Iannuzzi, Jo             Marriottsville, MD    M46   2:06:32.25
 84.Bernetti, Kathy D        Fulton, MD            F45   2:06:44.66
 85.Johnson, Richard         Orrtanna, PA          M49   2:06:53.58
 86.Sebring, Daniel          Columbia, MD          M25   2:07:12.03
 87.Filteau, Joseph          Baltimore, MD         M29   2:07:17.09
 88.Splete, Heidi            Washington, DC        F36   2:07:33.00
 89.Gustafsont, Eric         Ellicott City, MD     M37   2:07:47.10
 90.Hiza, Gabriel J          Columbia, MD          M63   2:07:50.08
 91.Gaasch, Wade             Ellicott City, MD     M52   2:07:51.60
 92.Loveland, Joseph H       Finksburg, MD         M57   2:07:59.37
 93.Clark, Austin            Woodbine, MD          M14   2:08:06.36
 94.Hanlon, John P           Ellicott City, MD     M44   2:08:08.27
 95.Burger, Marc J           Columbia, MD          M34   2:08:20.86
 96.Wong, Ronnie             Catonsville, MD       M60   2:08:39.43
 97.Silverman, Ed            Laurel, MD            M51   2:08:53.37
 98.Pontius, Jim             Glenelg, MD           M44   2:09:00.49
 99.Flynn, Elizabeth         Ellicott City, MD     F35   2:09:36.67
100.Holzman, Scott A         Ellicott City, MD     M43   2:09:38.37
101.Cronin, Gabriel M        Annapolis, MD         M30   2:09:49.73
102.Garrett, Lewyn           Baltimore, MD         M51   2:09:51.17
103.Wilkerson, Pat           Columbia, MD          F47   2:09:55.73
104.Malloy, Patrick D        Ellicott City, MD     M60   2:10:04.33
105.Robertson, Brent P       Columbia, MD          M45   2:10:05.56
106.Ott, Peter A             Brookeville, MD       M44   2:10:22.02
107.Peterson, Timothy        Crivitz, WI           M43   2:10:26.73
108.Hoesman, Thomas          Ellicott City, MD     M16   2:10:42.47
109.Jonas, Daniel R          Columbia, MD          M44   2:10:52.94
110.Long, William            Columbia, MD          M60   2:11:09.87
111.Vanous, Michael          Ellicott City, MD     M56   2:11:13.61
112.Grover, Jim              Columbia, MD          M54   2:11:23.09
113.Choquette, Paul          Brookeville, MD       M47   2:11:53.53
114.Young, Karen C           Boyds, MD             F38   2:12:19.23
115.Thompson, Rick           Bel Air, MD           M41   2:12:53.46
116.Estella, Israel          Laurel, MD            M34   2:13:03.49
117.O'Malley, Chris          Ellicott City, MD     M15   2:13:09.06
118.Miller, Steven           Highland, MD          M25   2:13:19.37
119.Rodrigues, Michael       Ellicott City, MD     M37   2:13:20.55
120.Schofield, Tom R         Ellicott City, MD     M46   2:13:41.23
121.Newton, Tyson            Bowie, MD             M30   2:13:42.92
122.Discepolo, Stephanie A   Columbia, MD          F37   2:13:43.49
123.Allen, Wendy L           Ellicott City, MD     F42   2:14:04.66
124.Beatty, Carissa          Arlington, VA         F24   2:14:15.76
125.Ryan, JOn                Washington, DC        M25   2:14:17.23
126.Zemel, Marty             Owings Mills, MD      M50   2:14:26.10
127.Quinlan, Edward          Baltimore, MD         M40   2:14:35.48
128.Tobin, Maureen           Washington, DC        F43   2:14:43.18
129.kline, chad              Columbia, MD          M41   2:14:56.90
130.Wallach, Matt            yonkers, NY           M25   2:14:58.86
131.Pope, Sarah M            Columbia, MD          F20   2:15:02.03
132.Stritehoff, Nelson       Columbia, MD          M55   2:15:05.34
133.Hersh, Melissa           Ellicott City, MD     F29   2:15:06.70
134.Karlheim, David          Clarksville, MD       M48   2:15:07.98
135.Ammons, Derek            Laurel, MD            M46   2:15:10.80
136.Espitia, Victor A        Ellicott City, MD     M53   2:15:30.54
137.Schaeffer, Franklin G    Westminister, MD      M54   2:15:39.74
138.Dar, Iqbal               Marriottsville, MD    M40   2:15:49.79
139.Navarro, Topaz           Columbia, MD          M29   2:15:51.15
140.Lowenthal, Beth          Laurel, MD            F31   2:15:52.31
141.Hysell, Bill             Brookeville, MD       M51   2:15:59.70
142.Thompson, Elizabeth      Laurel, MD            F36   2:16:01.64
143.Garcia, Lisa             Fayetteville, NC      F37   2:16:04.05
144.Dello-Russo, Michelle L  Columbia, MD          F25   2:16:05.25
145.Callahan, Lori           Easton, MD            F27   2:16:25.56
146.Puglisi, Larry           Gambrills, MD         M52   2:16:33.61
147.Kravitz, David           Columbia, MD          M28   2:16:40.25
148.Friedman, Paul           Clarksville, MD       M43   2:17:13.93
149.Gordon, Kirk D           Mitchellville, MD     M50   2:17:25.68
150.Maher, Scott             West Friendship, MD   M46   2:17:27.32
151.Barnwell, Rob            Rockville, MD         M50   2:17:33.84
152.Farias, Lisa J           Ellicott City, MD     F31   2:17:34.84
153.Bent, Melanie            Ellicott City, MD     F38   2:17:48.24
154.Schoppmann, Ken          Washington, DC        M42   2:18:07.35
155.Clinger, Stephen         Ellicott City, MD     M48   2:18:11.80
156.Tucker, Judith           Baltimore, MD         F24   2:18:23.77
157.Brenneman, Matthew       Lexington Park, MD    M24   2:18:26.38
158.Weber, Ron               Ellicott City, MD     M54   2:18:50.72
159.Moraw, Margaret S        Columbia, MD          F26   2:19:08.06
160.Smith, Steve             York, PA              M47   2:19:55.13
161.Eyster, John             York, PA              M46   2:19:56.59
162.Knauff, Kevin            Columbia, MD          M40   2:19:57.64
163.Bangert, George          Spring Grove, PA      M55   2:20:34.51
164.Cohen, Cindy             Washington, DC        F38   2:21:11.87
165.Weber, Judith            Ellicott City, MD     F47   2:21:16.03
166.Hall, Phyllis A          Catonsville, MD       F46   2:22:13.64
167.Pearsall, Todd           Ellicott City, MD     M38   2:22:29.91
168.Shelby, Steven           Ellicott City, MD     M16   2:22:41.07
169.Koczur, Heather Marie    Alexandria, VA        F34   2:23:00.41
170.Parsley, Andrew          Baltimore, MD         M37   2:23:43.79
171.Koerner, Celide          Baltimore, MD         F49   2:24:43.21
172.Sauter, Carrie           Woodbine, MD          F32   2:25:17.64
173.Wray, Peter              Baltimore, MD         M49   2:25:18.74
174.McCarthy, Tom            Columbia, MD          M53   2:25:23.82
175.King, John F             Dayton, MD            M41   2:25:25.11
176.Soscia, John L           Ellicott City, MD     M44   2:25:33.04
177.Key, Larry t             Frederick, MD         M59   2:26:13.49
178.Stierwalt, Jennifer      Bethesda, MD          F26   2:26:17.50
179.Roeding, Russell         Arnold, MD            M48   2:26:32.44
180.Roeding, Lara            Arnold, MD            F41   2:26:35.95
181.Woodbridge, Christopher  Hyattsville, MD       M45   2:26:37.71
182.Rose, Matthew            Sykesville, MD        M27   2:26:57.58
183.Baldwin, Tom             Mechanicsburg, PA     M40   2:26:59.10
184.Boucher, Dennis          Columbia, MD          M44   2:27:07.31
185.Christman, Paul          Chevy Chase, MD       M43   2:27:41.33
186.Payne, Garland           Columbia, MD          M45   2:27:49.06
187.Kalandarova, Ellina      Chevy Chase, MD       F33   2:28:01.36
188.Reed, Nigel              Columbia, MD          M52   2:28:27.36
189.Nelson, Keith            Mechanicsburg, PA     M47   2:28:52.97
190.Estella, Noemi P         Laurel, MD            F34   2:29:05.51
191.Schumacher, Herman       Clarksville, MD       M43   2:29:31.84
192.Rowley, Ginger A         Clarksville, MD       F45   2:29:47.97
193.Kreft, Michael           Ellicott City, MD     M46   2:30:19.98
194.Ruiz, Eddy               Annapolis, MD         M42   2:30:23.98
195.Christ, James R          Columbia, MD          M58   2:30:31.85
196.Walker, Norma            Ellicott City, MD     F53   2:30:36.39
197.Stolka, Karen            Ellicott City, MD     F55   2:30:38.06
198.Saenz, Carlos            Gaithersburg, MD      M47   2:31:18.94
199.Salazar, Javier          Ellicott City, MD     M50   2:31:41.68
200.Lemke, Klaus W           Westminister, MD      M46   2:32:02.09
201.Schaftel, Esther         Baltimore, MD         F42   2:32:15.47
202.Brooks, Patricia E       Ellicott City, MD     F56   2:32:18.67
203.Archbald, Franklyn J     Columbia, MD          M58   2:32:20.18
204.Katkow, Eric A           Columbia, MD          M62   2:32:36.95
205.Miller, Gina G           Woodbine, MD          F38   2:32:57.04
206.Nodine, Jean             Rockville, MD         F43   2:33:43.26
207.Jao, Casey               Dayton, MD            M17   2:34:01.56
208.Sullivan, Doug           Clarksville, MD       M44   2:34:02.51
209.Baldwin, Rosser          Fairfax, VA           M51   2:34:18.95
210.Valencia, Martha C       Ellicott City, MD     F38   2:34:20.15
211.Johnson, Bridget         Catonsville, MD       F55   2:34:20.46
212.Farr, Patrick            Baltimore, MD         M29   2:34:20.82
213.Yankle, Elizabeth        Columbia, MD          F34   2:34:23.61
214.Yankle, Brian            Columbia, MD          M31   2:34:24.57
215.Scott, Thomas            Westminister, MD      M47   2:34:24.93
216.Bloom, Leon              Annapolis, MD         M47   2:34:41.43
217.Brown, Tom D             Glenelg, MD           M56   2:34:42.74
218.Atterbury, Jon           Fort Meade, MD        M34   2:34:54.54
219.Kolker, Blaine           Olney, MD             M43   2:35:28.07
220.Huffman, Pat A           Ellicott City, MD     F42   2:35:47.00
221.Barry, Samuel            Columbia, MD          M17   2:35:51.29
222.Gleazer, Susan           Columbia, MD          F58   2:35:55.35
223.Trofimovich, Lily        Silver Spring, MD     F33   2:36:01.98
224.Harvey, Karen            Ellicott City, MD     F49   2:36:09.27
225.Hannagan, Denise         Ellicott City, MD     F44   2:36:10.69
226.jager, allan             Alexandria, VA        M35   2:36:14.95
227.Coates, Chet             Silver Spring, MD     M66   2:36:16.11
228.Cleveland, Jeffrey A     Ellicott City, MD     M47   2:36:27.33
229.Heaphy, John P           Ellicott City, MD     M51   2:36:47.24
230.Worley, Mark             Columbia, MD          M21   2:37:21.88
231.Newcamp, Jessica         Ellicott City, MD     F29   2:37:23.25
232.santamaria, rosa         Alexandria, VA        F34   2:37:49.31
233.Lamothe, Michael F       Laurel, MD            M52   2:37:50.44
234.Stanton, Steven          Columbia, MD          M48   2:38:06.67
235.LaMonte, Vince           Columbia, MD          M63   2:38:32.68
236.Taylor, Denise           Rockville, MD         F40   2:39:03.66
237.Baziz, Mike              Baltimore, MD         M65   2:39:30.94
238.Cannon, San              Burke, VA             F41   2:39:38.82
239.Hartman, Douglas         Springfield, VA       M47   2:39:42.43
240.Ziring, Neal             Columbia, MD          M43   2:40:22.26
241.Sample, Jennifer         Bethesda, MD          F31   2:40:24.00
242.Ward, Emily              Baltimore, MD         F29   2:40:24.99
243.Lehr, Jennifer           Annapolis, MD         F22   2:40:52.48
244.Powell, Linda            Arlington, VA         F43   2:41:01.30
245.Boice, Peter             Rockville, MD         M60   2:41:20.03
246.Glassberg, Abby          Clarksville, MD       F46   2:42:27.50
247.Dunnigan, Maura          Ellicott City, MD     F38   2:42:28.60
248.Hemgen, Geoffrey         Burtonsville, MD      M31   2:42:39.98
249.Hemgen, Jim              Frederick, MD         M38   2:42:42.70
250.Matthews, George N       Baltimore, MD         M46   2:42:57.61
251.Mulligan, Peter J        Baltimore, MD         M41   2:43:17.68
252.Oakley, Maureen          Owings Mills, MD      F40   2:43:26.18
253.Smith, Lisa M            Woodbine, MD          F50   2:43:27.37
254.Riesz, Charlie           Ellicott City, MD     M46   2:43:31.02
255.Bute-Riley, Virginia     Beltsville, MD        F36   2:43:52.52
256.Abroms, Michelle         Washington, DC        F26   2:44:08.30
257.Parks, Shari             Baltimore, MD         F33   2:44:11.86
258.Ahn, Jun                 Columbia, MD          M40   2:44:13.60
259.Greeley, Jessica         Centreville, MD       F30   2:44:53.74
260.Agee, Kim                Centreville, MD       F42   2:44:54.90
261.Wolhar, Robert C         Rehobeth Beach, DE    M58   2:45:59.10
262.Lawler, Rachel           Washington, DC        F26   2:46:24.59
263.Pinson, Michelle         Rockville, MD         F24   2:47:11.19
264.Jefferson, Mary L        Rockville, MD         F59   2:47:26.33
265.Cohen - Tomlinson, MarthaChevy Chase, MD       F47   2:47:27.43
266.Shahegh, Mohammad h      Clarksville, MD       M51   2:47:32.03
267.Grover, Debbie           Columbia, MD          F51   2:47:36.59
268.Adkins, Mary             Baltimore, MD         F33   2:48:02.03
269.Adkins, Neal             Baltimore, MD         M33   2:48:05.20
270.Jansen, Anicca           Takoma Park, MD       F53   2:49:07.42
271.frank, jeff              Washington, DC        M46   2:49:08.45
272.Stanmore, John           Baltimore, MD         M42   2:49:46.46
273.Dick, Vanessa            Silver Spring, MD     F28   2:51:05.33
274.Andre, Rachel            Catonsville, MD       F24   2:51:37.64
275.Flynn, Barbara j         Ellicott City, MD     F39   2:52:04.67
276.Littleton, Emily         Ellicott City, MD     F35   2:52:09.19
277.Harrington, Joseph       Alexandria, VA        M36   2:52:10.25
278.Atkinson, Robert         Bethesda, MD          M53   2:52:16.95
279.Sesto, Norma L           Columbia, MD          F46   2:52:53.74
280.Wilhelm, Christopher     Ellicott City, MD     M36   2:54:09.37
281.starobin, brad           Baltimore, MD         M44   2:54:23.27
282.Heiliger, Phil           Columbia, MD          M54   2:54:45.66
283.Worley, Bruce            Columbia, MD          M21   2:54:51.59
284.Fox, Richard C           Ellicott City, MD     M59   2:56:08.84
285.Mitlehner, Carl          Ashburn, VA           M40   2:56:11.90
286.Saltz, Debra             Ellicott City, MD     F38   2:56:53.46
287.Gentile, Donald J        Laurel, MD            M52   2:57:37.75
288.Giffhorn, Kevin L        Mt. Airy, MD          M36   2:57:42.07
289.Beier, Alan M            Columbia, MD          M52   2:57:54.97
290.Vale, Arnat              Elkridge, MD          M36   2:57:56.37
291.Smith, Jennifer L        Ellicott City, MD     F30   2:58:13.84
292.Tu, Xiao                 Elkridge, MD          M32   2:58:47.73
293.Leonard, Marcy           Columbia, MD          F35   2:58:48.90
294.Banda, Karen F           Ellicott City, MD     F48   2:59:49.55
295.Burchett, Julia          Baltimore, MD         F24   2:59:50.25
296.Dacumos, Maricris        Baltimore, MD         F26   3:00:36.78
297.Perdue, Susan            Clarksville, MD       F45   3:00:56.78
298.Kelly, Bernard m         ellicott city, MD     M51   3:02:08.05
299.Crowe, Reiko             Woodbine, MD          F53   3:02:22.06
300.Robbins, Brooke C        Columbia, MD          F28   3:03:06.86
301.Schleifer, Mike          Baltimore, MD         M35   3:03:32.47
302.Hall, Robert J           Catonsville, MD       M51   3:03:45.03
303.Moerschbacher, Meredith  Silver Spring, MD     F25   3:04:40.81
304.Vander Veen, Mark        Owings Mills, MD      M44   3:05:31.34
305.Goldmeier, Barry         Rockville, MD         M42   3:05:37.40
306.Martens, Patricia        Ellicott City, MD     F36   3:05:53.44
307.Nuyen, Christine         Potomac, MD           F36   3:06:18.61
308.Saunders, Aaron          Washington, DC        M30   3:08:36.35
309.Fagan, Stephanie-Leigh   Columbia, MD          F33   3:08:37.27
310.Alayash, Nadia           Baltimore, MD         F25   3:12:24.38
311.Yau, Allison             Linthicum, MD         F23   3:12:25.76
312.Lewis, Mark              Ellicott City, MD     M41   3:14:37.87
313.Elbert, Eugene           Unknown, NA           M31   3:14:59.64
314.Reid, Anne-Marie         Ellicott City, MD     F36   3:15:28.52
315.Collins, John H          Columbia, MD          M64   3:16:24.64
316.Ribeiro, Marta           Washington, DC        F28   3:16:26.80
317.Myruski, Erica           Washington, DC        F23   3:16:28.84
318.Campbell, Kati           Ellicott City, MD     F36   3:18:11.79
319.Knight, Amy              Columbia, MD          F33   3:18:12.95
320.Maloff, Mary             Reisterstown, MD      F51   3:22:25.99
321.Young, Paul              Columbia, MD          M43   3:22:26.65
322.Hersperger, Evelyn       Baltimore, MD         F54   3:22:26.96
323.satterfield, keith       park forest, IL       M44   3:27:01.56
324.Blue, Kenneth J          Greenbelt, MD         M44   3:27:38.30
325.Martin, Robyn            Alexandria, VA        F32   3:30:40.25
326.armstrong, johnnette     Silver Spring, MD     F43   3:30:41.25
327.Hurley, Caitlin          Arnold, MD            F22   3:35:00.00
328.Guillory, Jessica        Baltimore, MD         F26   3:46:00.00
329.Kornreich, Douglas       Hanover, MD           M38   3:46:00.10

Columbia Metric 5K 2006 - 5K,  12/3/2006
Pl  Name                     HomeTown              Age   Time
  1.Pfarr, Michael           Jarretsville, MD      M20   15:34.11
  2.Breitenbach, Mark        Elkridge, MD          M27   16:37.07
  3.Sweet, William J         Laurel, MD            M45   17:47.16
  4.Pointer, Maurice         Baltimore, MD         M51   17:55.06
  5.McFadden, Weems R        Laurel, MD            M49   18:22.27
  6.Ito, Masaki              Falls Church, VA      M41   18:26.54
  7.Webster, David B         Stevensville, MD      M53   18:35.27
  8.Pasternak, Joe           Olney, MD             M44   18:50.19
  9.Breitenbach, Katie       Elkridge, MD          F26   19:03.84
 10.Calvo, Juan              Baltimore, MD         M44   19:07.84
 11.Ting, Audrey             University Park, MD   F29   19:32.64
 12.Ceccorulli, James        Arnold, MD            M19   19:40.00
 13.Ringold, Adam            Arnold, MD            M25   19:41.90
 14.Adams, Jim               Baltimore, MD         M51   19:53.25
 15.Ross, Adam               Ellicott City, MD     M15   19:54.37
 16.Nelson, Kevin            Silver Spring, MD     M41   20:01.23
 17.Elliott, John            Columbia, MD          M68   20:23.64
 18.Bernstein, Richard       Columbia, MD          M48   20:28.32
 19.Ward, Mike               South Miami, FL       M52   20:35.16
 20.Wilk, Lee                Catonsville, MD       M51   20:37.88
 21.Magana Escobar, Carlos A Columbia, MD          M24   20:38.97
 22.olivi, Lori              Perry Hall, MD        F28   20:53.17
 23.Layson, Linda            Severn, MD            F46   21:02.58
 24.Quarrick, Jeff           Ellicott City, MD     M19   21:18.87
 25.Bluher, Toni             Ellicott City, MD     F44   21:23.29
 26.Ingersoll, Amelia        Columbia, MD          F43   21:27.94
 27.Kirk-Davidoff, Daniel    Columbia, MD          M38   21:29.21
 28.Hawkland, Doug           Dayton, MD            M60   21:33.14
 29.Forsyth, Ryan            Severna Park, MD      M10   21:44.39
 30.Pontius, Ian T           Clarksville, MD       M13   21:56.59
 31.hansen, randy            Baltimore, MD         M39   21:57.76
 32.Harrison, Brian D        Ellicott City, MD     M19   22:04.38
 33.Jordan, Jeromy           Baltimore, MD         M31   22:12.63
 34.Cobuzzi, Tony            Glenwood, MD          M42   22:13.70
 35.Eagles, Mark             Ellicott City, MD     M13   22:20.31
 36.Richardson, michael D    Columbia, MD          M59   22:34.64
 37.Fleming, Mike            Columbia, MD          M61   22:36.18
 38.Brooke, Matthew W        Fort Meade, MD        M37   22:37.27
 39.Yurwit, Lisa             Baltimore, MD         F30   22:37.76
 40.Chester, Stuart          Columbia, MD          M30   22:45.56
 41.Noonan, Ryan             Clarksville, MD       M13   22:50.29
 42.Adams, Viviana           Owings, MD            F26   22:54.41
 43.Black, Samantha E        Sykesville, MD        F16   23:05.94
 44.Guthrie, Andrew          Columbia, MD          M16   23:07.05
 45.Withee, Jeffrey          Columbia, MD          M32   23:07.67
 46.McFadden, Daniel         Laurel, MD            M14   23:10.10
 47.Royalty, Kyle            Columbia, MD          M12   23:12.18
 48.Murray, Alan             Crofton, MD           M44   23:14.78
 49.Federici, Heather        Columbia, MD          F29   23:16.68
 50.Federici, Kevin          Columbia, MD          M37   23:22.19
 51.Reid, James              Jessup, MD            M23   23:31.52
 52.Saunders, Dwayne         Savage, MD            M15   23:38.83
 53.Lepore, Gregory          Columbia, MD          M36   23:39.28
 54.Orem, Lori               Baltimore, MD         F39   23:41.04
 55.Gessler, Julie           Ellicott City, MD     F13   23:47.78
 56.Vaughan, Ryan            new york, NY          M25   23:56.00
 57.McCoy, Christopher       Bowie, MD             M27   23:57.20
 58.Weaver, David            Elkridge, MD          M37   24:19.21
 59.Garstecki, Brian         Ellicott City, MD     M33   24:27.84
 60.Harbin, Steven M         Woodbine, MD          M28   24:36.10
 61.Papciak, Sharon M        Columbia, MD          F52   24:40.59
 62.Carey, Jennifer          Frederick, MD         F32   24:57.55
 63.Pasternak, Jan           Olney, MD             M11   24:58.57
 64.Livne, Dana              Baltimore, MD         F28   25:01.04
 65.Harrison, Keith          Ellicott City, MD     M54   25:05.44
 66.Rivera, Jose             Severn, MD            M42   25:10.04
 67.Luttrell, Glenn R        gore, VA              M63   25:11.46
 68.Rubio, Ray               Columbia, MD          M37   25:12.82
 69.Goldman, Kim             Annapolis, MD         F33   25:15.29
 70.Calvert, Roger L         Ellicott City, MD     M56   25:18.60
 71.Rozier, Matthew          Clarksville, MD       M13   25:20.20
 72.Cutulle, Lyn             Ellicott City, MD     M52   25:32.10
 73.Schretten, Claire        Monkton, MD           F16   25:36.70
 74.Tarlton, Samantha        Sparks, MD            F16   25:36.93
 75.Prack, Andrew            Arnold, MD            M18   25:42.26
 76.Martinez, Mateo          Columbia, MD          M48   25:43.56
 77.Kassolis, Michael        York, PA              M30   25:46.47
 78.Ramos, Lazara            Columbia, MD          F13   25:46.87
 79.Davila, Emma M           Olney, MD             F52   25:47.99
 80.Kirtland, Heather        Baltimore, MD         F31   25:54.85
 81.Williams, Lori           Baltimore, MD         F31   25:55.65
 82.Forsyth, Andrew          Severna Park, MD      M8    25:58.38
 83.Fribush, Alec            Reisterstown, MD      M10   26:01.08
 84.Feingold, Steven         Goose Creek, SC       M33   26:06.51
 85.Sturdivant, Jazmine      Columbia, MD          F14   26:12.06
 86.Kuderna, Marla           Odenton, MD           F47   26:34.75
 87.Forestieri, Steven       Baltimore, MD         M28   26:37.39
 88.Wright, Bill             Columbia, MD          M46   26:39.47
 89.Noonan, Jack             Clarksville, MD       M12   26:46.93
 90.Ronning, Cathy           Laurel, MD            F51   26:57.47
 91.Becker, Margo            Catonsville, MD       F23   27:00.94
 92.Titcomb, Timothy         Marriottsville, MD    M50   27:04.65
 93.Josey, Christine         Columbia, MD          F47   27:08.15
 94.Smith, Mark              Baltimore, MD         M34   27:14.24
 95.Vogel, Paula             Columbia, MD          F16   27:16.90
 96.McGlothlin, Mary         Reston, VA            F33   27:19.37
 97.Goodwin, Julie           Baltimore, MD         F26   27:21.31
 98.Cheng, Kevin C           Elkridge, MD          M37   27:25.29
 99.Kump, Lisa S             Ellicott City, MD     F40   27:26.88
100.Gulley, Laura            Woodbine, MD          F37   27:40.97
101.vrabel, richard          Glen Burnie, MD       M50   27:43.96
102.Eagles, Jim              Ellicott City, MD     M44   27:45.54
103.Black, Debra A           Sykesville, MD        F41   27:47.02
104.Richardson, Darlene M    Columbia, MD          F49   27:56.25
105.Vo, Emma                 Ellicott City, MD     F12   28:00.13
106.Rivera, Juan             Severn, MD            M20   28:05.25
107.Brasseaux, Barry         Columbia, MD          M44   28:07.78
108.Pierce, Allison          Columbia, MD          F33   28:09.02
109.Bishop, Carne            Glenwood, MD          F14   28:10.07
110.Welsh, Regina            Cockeysville, MD      F31   28:10.74
111.Collier, Stephanie       Reisterstown, MD      F9    28:11.02
112.Zulick, Laura            Elkridge, MD          F40   28:11.46
113.Nard, Mikie              Columbia, MD          F52   28:11.77
114.Kirk-Davidoff, Paul      Columbia, MD          M10   28:15.24
115.Miller, Justin           Olney, MD             M20   28:16.44
116.Toro, Mimi               Olney, MD             F49   28:50.16
117.Kirk-Davidoff, Isaac     Columbia, MD          M10   28:52.97
118.Gessler, Becky           Ellicott City, MD     F11   28:56.50
119.Morrissey, Andrea        Columbia, MD          F30   28:58.10
120.Mulvihill, Dean          Ellicott City, MD     M36   29:01.64
121.Schluederberg, Katie     Elkridge, MD          F8    29:01.96
122.Tussing, Natalie         Ellicott City, MD     F11   29:02.16
123.Lavoie, Angela M         Columbia, MD          F27   29:02.80
124.Schroeder, Fritz         Ellicott City, MD     F39   29:07.42
125.Schroeder, Frederic      Ellicott City, MD     M9    29:07.62
126.Robinson, Rachel         Columbia, MD          F27   29:11.00
127.Brown, Ron               Baltimore, MD         M37   29:32.21
128.Orem, Lauren             Unknown, NA           F13   29:48.24
129.Zawacki, Lane            Catonsville, MD       F34   29:48.65
130.Gessler, Amy             Ellicott City, MD     F11   29:50.28
131.Hohman, Nicolas          Westminister, MD      M27   29:52.24
132.Cobb-Combs, Lane         Columbia, MD          F46   29:53.76
133.Kocourek, Elizabeth      Elkridge, MD          F27   29:55.56
134.Drummond, Jasmine        Baltimore, MD         F12   29:58.30
135.Yager, Annie             Baltimore, MD         F27   29:58.62
136.Newbern, Pam             Odenton, MD           F46   29:59.07
137.McCormack, Timothy F     Ellicott City, MD     M48   29:59.87
138.Love, Jeffrey            Ellicott City, MD     M50   30:08.87
139.Reilly, Erin             Baltimore, MD         F27   30:15.03
140.McAndrew, Ashli          Baltimore, MD         F14   30:15.23
141.Henderson, Rachel        Perry Hall, MD        F10   30:17.40
142.BUDD, LAWRENCE           Baltimore, MD         M50   30:18.69
143.Davenpork, Theresa       Baltimore, MD         F12   30:21.64
144.Jones, Toni              Baltimore, MD         F12   30:21.85
145.Ponton, Jane M           Columbia, MD          F46   30:27.61
146.Hartman, Colleen         Springfield, VA       F43   30:31.79
147.Gessler, Katie           Ellicott City, MD     F15   30:32.79
148.Schaftel, Tess           Stevenson, MD         F9    30:42.57
149.Schaftel, Karen          Stevenson, MD         F44   30:43.29
150.Bauch, Kurt              Columbia, MD          M47   30:45.12
151.Johnson, Tanya           Columbia, MD          F47   30:45.47
152.Campbell, Matthew        Columbia, MD          M37   30:46.97
153.Hauser, Anna             Baltimore, MD         F9    30:53.68
154.Hauser, Thomas           Baltimore, MD         M40   30:54.15
155.Hobbs, Matthew           Odenton, MD           M28   30:59.64
156.Wingate, Katie           Odenton, MD           F26   31:01.13
157.Wingate, Jeremy          Odenton, MD           M29   31:01.30
158.Charles, Deidre          Silver Spring, MD     F30   31:02.50
159.Maione, Julie            Columbia, MD          F32   31:04.93
160.Swidersky, Scott         Annapolis, MD         M32   31:05.15
161.Harrison, Christen       Baltimore, MD         F12   31:07.47
162.Scheon, Megan            Baltimore, MD         F14   31:12.04
163.Goines, Lisa             Columbia, MD          F34   31:12.98
164.Fleischer, Regan         Reisterstown, MD      F8    31:14.43
165.Antinozzi, Michelle      Fallston, MD          F23   31:15.87
166.Fleischer, Andrea        Reisterstown, MD      F36   31:18.94
167.Murphy, Stacy            Baltimore, MD         F40   31:26.81
168.strasnick, veronica      Rockville, MD         F37   31:29.44
169.Mitchell, Richard        Columbia, MD          M61   31:35.56
170.Tasillo, Julie           Ellicott City, MD     F30   31:39.25
171.Weber, Morgan            Ellicott City, MD     F22   31:40.84
172.Royalty, Carla           Columbia, MD          F42   31:43.50
173.Noonan, Tonia            Clarksville, MD       F41   31:45.05
174.Kaiser, Robert           Cooksville, MD        M10   31:46.59
175.Bishop, Susan L          Glenwood, MD          F42   31:49.88
176.Bishop, Matt             Glenwood, MD          M9    31:50.06
177.Lim, Hee                 Odenton, MD           F30   31:52.54
178.Gibbons, Allie           Timonium, MD          F9    31:59.49
179.gibbons, david           Timonium, MD          M40   31:59.85
180.Casehart, Emma           Baltimore, MD         F10   32:02.09
181.Case, Vera               Baltimore, MD         F45   32:02.49
182.Kaiser, Anne             Cooksville, MD        F41   32:04.06
183.Cederbaum, Alison        Columbia, MD          F20   32:04.56
184.Cederbaum, Kenneth       Columbia, MD          M53   32:05.11
185.Tenberg, Amelia          Manchester, MD        F15   32:11.93
186.Tarlton, Amanda          Sparks, MD            F15   32:12.14
187.Pope, Suzanne B          Jessup, MD            F38   32:13.57
188.Woodley, Deja            Baltimore, MD         F11   32:15.57
189.Bassle, Beth             Edgewood, MD          F25   32:19.21
190.Bishop, Christy          Glenwood, MD          F13   32:25.69
191.Kafka, Amy               Columbia, MD          F34   32:27.18
192.Eder, Mark               Baltimore, MD         M32   32:28.44
193.Carpenter, Samantha      Monkton, MD           F8    32:32.63
194.Hoffman, Melinda         Woodstock, MD         F36   32:32.96
195.mason, stephanie         Alexandria, VA        F34   32:33.53
196.Carpenter, Christine     Monkton, MD           F40   32:38.90
197.Wu, Jiajun               Cockeysville, MD      M49   32:43.24
198.Kleeman, Ashley          Reisterstown, MD      F10   32:44.26
199.Smith, Brooke            Baltimore, MD         F26   32:59.57
200.Conrad, Amy              Ellicott City, MD     F37   33:02.72
201.kirchenheiter, stacey    Millersville, MD      F40   33:03.66
202.kirchenheiter, lauren    Millersville, MD      F10   33:04.05
203.Getz, Rachel             Unknown, NA           F10   33:04.57
204.Page, Robyn              Ellicott City, MD     F32   33:04.58
205.McGuire, Jessica         Columbia, MD          F27   33:05.27
206.Gulley, Lawrence         Woodbine, MD          M40   33:09.99
207.Horvath, Julie           Woodstock, MD         F38   33:23.84
208.Tussing, Christina       Ellicott City, MD     F43   33:37.21
209.Gekas, Evie              Cockeysville, MD      F8    33:42.00
210.Gekas, Dean              Cockeysville, MD      M43   33:44.14
211.Curtis, Sara             Baltimore, MD         F9    33:48.06
212.Curtis, Richard          Baltimore, MD         M40   33:49.04
213.Oliver, Leah             Unknown, NA           F10   33:52.54
214.Buck, Brittany           Sparks, MD            F14   33:53.95
215.Tarlton, Stephanie       Sparks, MD            F13   33:54.17
216.Bright, Tara             Baltimore, MD         F13   33:56.05
217.Cimino, Carrie           Baltimore, MD         F0    33:56.24
218.Stavis, Ebony            Baltimore, MD         F13   33:57.24
219.Baker, Joel J            Baltimore, MD         M32   33:57.47
220.Logan, Christine         Columbia, MD          F40   34:00.58
221.Schroeder, Madeline      Ellicott City, MD     F11   34:02.02
222.Peters, Lisa             Elkridge, MD          F38   34:02.26
223.Smith, Meghan            Laurel, MD            F9    34:05.98
224.Hough, Allie             Baltimore, MD         F9    34:32.07
225.Kuckels, Melanie         Frederick, MD         F33   34:34.82
226.Boswell, Susan           Jessup, MD            F42   34:35.20
227.Fribush, Hope            Reisterstown, MD      F39   34:35.58
228.Fribush, Jillian         Reisterstown, MD      F8    34:36.35
229.Dabbs, Cherie            Ellicott City, MD     F28   34:40.31
230.Truong, Alyssa           Elkridge, MD          F9    34:40.52
231.Rustvold, Derek          Glen Burnie, MD       M35   34:40.79
232.Peet, Sophie             Baltimore, MD         F9    34:44.27
233.Ollerhead, Nancy         Columbia, MD          F43   34:44.60
234.Gines, Karyn             Baltimore, MD         F41   34:45.01
235.Davis, Liza              Unknown, NA           F11   34:46.01
236.Woodfolk, Charday        Baltimore, MD         F14   34:47.02
237.Krajewski, David         Baltimore, MD         M42   34:47.66
238.Bunting, Jessica         Baltimore, MD         F9    34:48.00
239.Zhang, Angela            Baltimore, MD         F8    34:48.83
240.Chesry, Heidi            Baltimore, MD         F28   34:49.47
241.Walsh, Megan             Baltimore, MD         F25   34:49.84
242.Pitts, Jaya              Elkridge, MD          F10   34:50.47
243.Potts, Edward            Elkridge, MD          M0    34:51.96
244.Miesse, Jill             Columbia, MD          F29   35:01.74
245.Loftus, Colleen          Elkridge, MD          F34   35:03.00
246.Gladu, Valerie           Arbutus, MD           F44   35:12.11
247.Tabor, Melissa L         Columbia, MD          F34   35:17.38
248.Sazhs, Rebecca           Columbia, MD          F11   35:17.88
249.Sachs, Daniel            Columbia, MD          M8    35:18.32
250.Hamburg, Sydney          Owings Mills, MD      F8    35:18.73
251.Hamburg, Mike            Owings Mills, MD      M37   35:18.99
252.Sachs, Adam G            Columbia, MD          M43   35:22.65
253.Pieper, Josephine        Ellicott City, MD     F62   35:27.81
254.Downard, Tracy           Columbia, MD          F33   35:29.37
255.Meyerson, Ted            Highland, MD          M73   35:29.85
256.Metzger, Greer           Baltimore, MD         F9    35:33.56
257.Metzger, Amy             Baltimore, MD         F37   35:35.11
258.Kus, Larry               Baltimore, MD         M49   35:36.40
259.Kodecki, Gary            Owings Mills, MD      M55   35:40.34
260.Shramko, Natalie         Baltimore, MD         F10   35:48.19
261.Shramko, Steven          Baltimore, MD         M48   35:48.48
262.BlottenSerge, Dalaney    Timonium, MD          F9    35:49.58
263.Sharun, Stewart          Timonium, MD          M11   35:50.10
264.Blottenberger, Roger     Timonium, MD          M47   35:50.51
265.Ubriaco, Emma            Baltimore, MD         F8    35:55.54
266.Ubriaco, Gina            Baltimore, MD         F34   35:56.10
267.Ubriaco, Gene            Baltimore, MD         M35   35:57.65
268.Chan, Lynn               Shrewsbury, PA        F42   35:59.38
269.Bond, Riley              Owings Mills, MD      F8    36:02.04
270.Korpela, Mark            Owings Mills, MD      M38   36:02.30
271.Trapp, Julie A           Silver Spring, MD     F62   36:25.00
272.Wells, Sandy             Owings Mills, MD      F10   36:26.88
273.Wells, Missy             Owings Mills, MD      F44   36:29.17
274.Allen, Dee A             Laurel, MD            F41   36:30.44
275.Levant, Marty            Windsor, PA           M33   36:43.26
276.Corman, Erin             Baltimore, MD         F25   36:47.24
277.Campell, Carie           Jessup, MD            F26   36:48.30
278.Ramos, Justice           Columbia, MD          F11   36:58.74
279.Ramos, Mareeneita        Columbia, MD          F36   37:00.46
280.Finger, Lisa B           Baltimore, MD         F40   37:05.38
281.Filkins, Teresa          Baltimore, MD         F27   37:06.58
282.Weaver, Sue              Elkridge, MD          F36   37:07.91
283.Weaver, Hannah           Elkridge, MD          F9    37:08.21
284.Steinberg, Sarah         Owings Mills, MD      F8    37:11.65
285.Steinberg, Scott         Owings Mills, MD      M38   37:13.24
286.Sigman, Harper           Owings Mills, MD      F9    37:13.99
287.Sigman, Ben              Owings Mills, MD      M9    37:14.44
288.Sigman, Fred             Owings Mills, MD      M40   37:14.94
289.Wittich, Jessica         Monkton, MD           F9    37:15.48
290.Williams, Lauren         Baltimore, MD         F18   37:16.71
291.Swindell, Kenny          Timonium, MD          M30   37:18.93
292.Seyffert, Emma           Baltimore, MD         F8    37:24.15
293.Seyffert, Sean           Baltimore, MD         M36   37:24.63
294.Byron, Beverly L         Ellicott City, MD     F53   37:25.46
295.Fruman, Lara             Owings Mills, MD      F35   37:26.36
296.Fruman, Brooke           Owings Mills, MD      F8    37:26.72
297.Pope, Julie              Owings Mills, MD      F41   37:27.07
298.Marks, Hannah            Reisterstown, MD      F8    37:27.41
299.Marks, Adam              Reisterstown, MD      M40   37:27.75
300.Stovall, Yolanda         Baltimore, MD         F45   37:41.83
301.Matelite, Nicole         Baltimore, MD         F8    37:45.35
302.Joy, Malia               Baltimore, MD         F43   37:46.17
303.Swindell, Annie          Timonium, MD          F8    37:47.43
304.Hopkins, Melanie         Lutherville, MD       F27   37:47.61
305.Silbiger, Chelsea        Reisterstown, MD      F11   37:47.97
306.Silbiger, David          Reisterstown, MD      M47   37:48.16
307.Evans, Claire            Baltimore, MD         F8    37:56.95
308.Evans, Dan               Baltimore, MD         M46   37:58.86
309.Miran, Blaire            Timonium, MD          F8    38:04.50
310.Stovall, Summer          Baltimore, MD         F9    38:05.45
311.Uy, Annette              Columbia, MD          F34   38:05.80
312.Blottenberger, Kyle      Unknown, NA           F11   38:06.52
313.Blottenberger, Elizabeth Timonium, MD          F41   38:06.95
314.Tarlton, Corjie          Sparks, MD            F46   38:16.81
315.Hand, Bianca             Baltimore, MD         F13   38:17.98
316.Clarke, Ayanna           Columbia, MD          F25   38:21.90
317.Prout, Imoni             Baltimore, MD         F10   38:29.54
318.Heath, Cassandra         Laurel, MD            F22   38:29.78
319.Stephenson, Lauren       Columbia, MD          F23   38:32.85
320.Long, Bianca             Baltimore, MD         F8    38:35.90
321.Williamson, Stephanie    Baltimore, MD         F23   38:38.65
322.Soliman, Janet           Timonium, MD          F35   38:40.03
323.Phillips, Katelyn        Timonium, MD          F9    38:41.40
324.Austin, Nylah            Baltimore, MD         F9    38:41.96
325.Bennett, Victoria        Catonsville, MD       F8    38:49.28
326.Bennett, Robert          Catonsville, MD       M42   38:49.54
327.Bennett, Kaeley          Baltimore, MD         F8    38:49.91
328.Bennett, Dahlia          Baltimore, MD         F32   38:56.37
329.Cohen, Kim               Timonium, MD          F42   38:56.67
330.Cohen, Lexi              Timonium, MD          F8    38:57.10
331.Behan, Emily             Monkton, MD           F8    38:57.45
332.Costa, Gina              Monkton, MD           F26   38:58.46
333.Pine, Lauren             Baltimore, MD         F9    38:58.84
334.Pine, Jonathan           Baltimore, MD         M39   38:59.27
335.Lynch, Kaity             Monkton, MD           F10   38:59.57
336.Lynch, John              Monkton, MD           M45   38:59.93
337.Kleeman, Taylor          Reisterstown, MD      F8    39:00.45
338.Kleeman, Adam            Reisterstown, MD      M39   39:02.26
339.Lynch, Jessie            Monkton, MD           F10   39:04.01
340.Lynch, Kirsten           Monkton, MD           F41   39:05.22
341.Bochicchio, Lauren       Monkton, MD           F10   39:08.97
342.Bochicchio, Nancy        Monkton, MD           F42   39:09.30
343.Forsyth, Carolline       Severna Park, MD      F8    39:11.14
344.Forsyth, Zoe             Severna Park, MD      F43   39:11.73
345.Brooke, Jody L           Fort Meade, MD        F46   39:20.99
346.Poggi, Mellie            Baltimore, MD         F9    39:23.80
347.Poggi, Biff              Baltimore, MD         M46   39:24.81
348.Farley, Brooks           Reisterstown, MD      F9    39:25.37
349.Farley, Wayne            Reisterstown, MD      M42   39:25.75
350.Orzechowski, Ella        Elkridge, MD          F9    39:26.90
351.ORZECHOWSKI, DEVI E      Elkridge, MD          F40   39:27.37
352.Zulick, Bradley          Elkridge, MD          M9    39:29.11
353.Zulick, Chloe            Elkridge, MD          F8    39:30.86
354.Adams, Martha            Timonium, MD          F50   39:31.11
355.Stuckey, Madelyn         Timonium, MD          F9    39:37.25
356.Paul, Deja               Baltimore, MD         F9    39:42.43
357.Mitchell, Wesley         Baltimore, MD         M32   39:44.72
358.Breitenother, Lauren     Washington, DC        F23   39:45.06
359.Mazee, Sarah             Reisterstown, MD      F9    39:49.59
360.Gekas, Jenna             Cockeysville, MD      F10   39:49.88
361.Gekas, Katrina           Cockeysville, MD      F38   39:51.97
362.Carroll, Danielle        Timonium, MD          F42   39:58.03
363.DiNardo, Ed              Timonium, MD          M44   40:00.26
364.DiNardo, Elizabeth       Timonium, MD          F10   40:00.79
365.Cohen, Amanda            Baltimore, MD         F9    40:01.05
366.Justison, Cheryl A       Aston, PA             F53   40:04.69
367.Plotkin, Marcie          Baltimore, MD         F40   40:05.28
368.Plotkin, Ryann           Baltimore, MD         F10   40:05.62
369.Straus, Elli             Sparks, MD            F43   40:06.07
370.Stwaus, Laura            Sparks, MD            F9    40:17.78
371.Rice, Pamela G           Forrest Hill, MD      F44   40:18.07
372.Adams, Elsie             Timonium, MD          F9    40:20.01
373.Green, Brian             Baltimore, MD         M33   40:21.17
374.Gibson, Mariah           Baltimore, MD         F10   40:21.49
375.Streeter, Ashley R       Forrest Hill, MD      F14   40:24.08
376.Ramos, Montaro           Columbia, MD          M8    40:27.80
377.Ramos, Javier            Columbia, MD          M35   40:28.17
378.Streeter, Jennifer L     Forrest Hill, MD      F36   40:30.26
379.Martinez, Elizabeth      Baltimore, MD         F42   40:30.89
380.Martinez, Julianna       Baltimore, MD         F8    40:31.67
381.Jordan, Cindy            Baltimore, MD         F30   40:34.55
382.Patterson, Kimberly S    Baltimore, MD         F14   40:36.64
383.cohen, joan              Baltimore, MD         F53   40:38.39
384.Goetze, Nell             Reisterstown, MD      F35   40:42.06
385.Goetze, Sadie            Reisterstown, MD      F9    40:42.37
386.Smith, Renita            Randallstown, MD      F49   40:44.57
387.Johnson, Jazmyn          Baltimore, MD         F10   40:55.33
388.Johnson, Joseph          Philadelphia, PA      M32   40:55.63
389.Vancavage, Bryan         Rockville, MD         M30   40:58.97
390.Blayman, Leah            Odenton, MD           F26   40:59.19
391.Vancavage, Katherine     Baltimore, MD         F26   40:59.44
392.Minick, Allison          Baltimore, MD         F9    41:02.17
393.Townsend, Frances        Baltimore, MD         F8    41:08.21
394.Hetherington, Jan        Baltimore, MD         F49   41:08.40
395.Hamons, Laura M          Arbutus, MD           F39   41:09.75
396.Zhang, Qiang             Baltimore, MD         M46   41:14.24
397.Wu, Michelle             Cockeysville, MD      F8    41:16.64
398.Friend, Seneca           Elkridge, MD          F7    41:19.20
399.Savin, Heidi             Elkridge, MD          F28   41:19.46
400.Ives, Charles            Baltimore, MD         M57   41:39.18
401.Giroux, Margaret         Monkton, MD           F24   41:40.54
402.Giroux, Ashley           Monkton, MD           F8    41:40.86
403.Shoul, Erin              Baltimore, MD         F8    41:41.48
404.Shoul, Bill              Baltimore, MD         M42   41:41.89
405.Watkins, Jessica         Baltimore, MD         F14   41:47.31
406.Shepski, Bruce           Baltimore, MD         M0    41:47.64
407.Cheung, Ariane           Woodstock, MD         F35   41:52.45
408.Meister, Jessica         Owings Mills, MD      F9    41:57.29
409.Meister, Andrew          Owings Mills, MD      M44   41:57.98
410.Butcher, Heidi           Baltimore, MD         F30   41:58.89
411.Wilson, Madison          Timonium, MD          F8    41:59.94
412.DAW, SANDRA              Stewartstown, PA      F34   42:00.22
413.Marchetti, Carmen        Ellicott City, MD     M63   42:05.38
414.McPherson, Jennifer      Baltimore, MD         F9    42:08.25
415.Lowitt, Diana            Baltimore, MD         F10   42:08.80
416.McPherson, Katrina       Baltimore, MD         F39   42:09.11
417.Lowitt, Nancy            Baltimore, MD         F51   42:11.30
418.Spreke, Haley            Timonium, MD          F10   42:24.48
419.Spehe, Tom               Baltimore, MD         M49   42:26.00
420.Smith, Aliyah            Randallstown, MD      F9    42:30.40
421.Smith, Narvel            Randallstown, MD      M53   42:31.90
422.Brooks, Timera           Reisterstown, MD      F10   42:35.81
423.Lauteman, Kathleen       Reisterstown, MD      F50   42:38.22
424.Rourtree, Stephanie      Owings Mills, MD      F8    42:46.83
425.Mircicse, Vaughn         Stewartstown, PA      M23   42:47.63
426.Rountree, Angela         Owings Mills, MD      F40   42:48.95
427.Blandon, Brandy          Randallstown, MD      F10   42:49.38
428.Blandon, Deborah         Randallstown, MD      F45   42:50.44
429.Yount, Briana            Baltimore, MD         F9    42:50.83
430.Thomason, Meyona         Baltimore, MD         F8    42:51.24
431.Rosenberg, Carly         Reisterstown, MD      F9    42:54.64
432.Rosonberg, Jules         Reisterstown, MD      M51   42:55.35
433.Sellman, Olivia          Owings Mills, MD      F8    43:07.74
434.Sallmen, David           Owings Mills, MD      M50   43:08.30
435.Williams, Laura          Ellicott City, MD     F39   43:08.79
436.Schroeder, Amy           Ellicott City, MD     F39   43:15.27
437.London, Jeanine          Elkridge, MD          F9    43:17.47
438.Mullen, Yvette           Baltimore, MD         F24   43:24.38
439.Jackson, Symone          Baltimore, MD         F10   43:27.64
440.Blitzstein, Halle        Baltimore, MD         F10   43:31.19
441.Blitzstein, Dori         Baltimore, MD         F36   43:38.91
442.VanBlarcom, Noah         Woodbine, MD          M9    43:39.97
443.VanBlarcom, Jeffrey      Woodbine, MD          M50   44:07.30
444.Swindell, Susie          Timonium, MD          F41   44:08.66
445.Prieto, Geraldo          Baltimore, MD         M27   44:13.64
446.Lonesome, Jeanee         Baltimore, MD         F12   44:15.54
447.Kness, Madison           Timonium, MD          F9    44:18.35
448.kness, lynne             Timonium, MD          F39   44:18.78
449.Stein, Alexandra         Baltimore, MD         F8    44:21.10
450.Casey, Janet             Timonium, MD          F52   44:23.26
451.Pluim, Kendra            Baltimore, MD         F28   44:23.59
452.Jackson, Jordan          Ellicott City, MD     F9    44:23.93
453.Martin, Renee            Glen Burnie, MD       F30   44:24.28
454.Jackson, Morgan          Ellicott City, MD     F8    44:25.88
455.Kwatinetz, Sydney        Baltimore, MD         F8    44:27.68
456.Kwatinetz, Neil          Baltimore, MD         M43   44:29.20
457.Shmerler, Sarah          Baltimore, MD         F8    44:34.55
458.Shmerfer, Laura          Baltimore, MD         F40   44:35.65
459.Tatum, Denesha           Baltimore, MD         F12   44:38.59
460.Redd, Leshae             Baltimore, MD         F12   44:40.01
461.Gorman, Sara             Baltimore, MD         F23   44:51.76
462.Dower, Karae             Baltimore, MD         F8    44:53.00
463.Chance, Belinda          Reisterstown, MD      F32   44:58.65
464.Oliver, Vernita          Baltimore, MD         F47   45:04.70
465.Whitfield, Trejha        Baltimore, MD         F11   45:05.23
466.Cleary, Pitra            Baltimore, MD         F29   45:08.29
467.Mooring, Anthony         Randallstown, MD      M35   45:15.26
468.Trasatti, Dante          Baltimore, MD         M26   45:30.07
469.Krofski, Ashley          Baltimore, MD         F10   45:31.22
470.Ramirez, Melissa         Abingdon, MD          F26   45:36.95
471.Dillard, Mariah          Baltimore, MD         F10   45:37.22
472.DeJarnehe, Amy           Baltimore, MD         F12   45:38.71
473.Giordano, Elizabeth      Baltimore, MD         F27   45:39.03
474.cohen, ilysa             Baltimore, MD         F37   45:43.03
475.Terrasa, Gabriel         Columbia, MD          M7    45:50.13
476.Terrasa, Gabriel A       Columbia, MD          M37   45:51.25
477.Sweren, Jeff             Ellicott City, MD     M41   45:53.45
478.Hughes, Hannah           Monkton, MD           F8    46:18.51
479.Hughes, Jackie           Monkton, MD           F41   46:18.84
480.Pesienji, Cynthia        Unknown, NA           F10   46:48.92
481.McCarthy, Alexandra      Columbia, MD          F14   47:02.47
482.Ponton, Anne             Columbia, MD          F15   47:03.56
483.Huston, Sue              Sparks, MD            F41   48:00.68
484.Huston, Jennifer         Sparks, MD            F8    48:01.04
485.Cole, Ja 'Noe            Baltimore, MD         F11   48:04.99
486.Marshall, Elizabeth      Baltimore, MD         M27   48:05.29
487.Weber, Theresa           Baltimore, MD         F23   49:10.40
488.Girard, Michael          Baltimore, MD         M30   49:15.36
489.Norris, Casey            Baltimore, MD         F11   49:15.57
490.Gaskins, Lashaun         Baltimore, MD         F10   49:18.49
491.Diffenderfer, Carla      Baltimore, MD         F41   49:18.81
492.Rothemund, Natalie       Columbia, MD          F26   49:23.04
493.Mills, Monica            Elkridge, MD          F9    49:23.77
494.Berenguer Gil, Fabiana   Westminister, MD      F10   49:35.64
495.Mendelsohn, Sarah        Owings Mills, MD      F9    49:40.40
496.Blebaun, Megan           Owings Mills, MD      F9    49:41.98
497.Blibaum, Stacy           Owings Mills, MD      F37   49:42.30
498.Williams, Victoria       Baltimore, MD         F9    50:01.97
499.Berenguer Gil, Erika     Westminister, MD      F42   50:08.97
500.Brooks, Vonnetta         Reisterstown, MD      F43   50:22.60
501.Glanville, Gabrielle     Finksburg, MD         F9    50:29.93
502.Glanville, Amanda        Finksburg, MD         F25   50:30.28
503.Austin, Shery            Baltimore, MD         F0    50:35.52
504.Knofelu, Alexis          Baltimore, MD         F9    56:30.04
505.Webb, Brroke             Baltimore, MD         F8    56:31.64
506.Griffin, Ashleigh        Baltimore, MD         F9    59:23.08
507.Lantelme, Hallie         Baltimore, MD         F9    1:04:16.49
508.Smith, Chabria           Baltimore, MD         F10   1:04:19.13
509.Christian, Leah          Baltimore, MD         F8    1:04:20.38
510.Thomas, Regina           Baltimore, MD         F9    1:04:28.10
511.Ramirez, Katie           Baltimore, MD         F27   1:04:28.67