Resolution Run 8K Prediction Run

In spite of the rainy weather, 137 runners turned out for the Striders’ Annual New Year’s Day Resolution Run, an 8k event in which the competitors vied for the most accurate prediction of their time. Runners simply started sometime after 9:30 AM and tried to finish exactly at 11 AM— without the benefit of watches or clocks.

The competition came down to the steadiness of age against the wildness of youth. In the end, youth won again. John Chall, age 49, finished only 1.99 seconds before the hour, but he lost to 12-year-old Chris Von Rautenkrantz, who finished 1.87 seconds after the hour. John did receive some painter’s gloves for his valiant effort. Young Chris, who had never before even competed in an 8k let alone a prediction run, won a handsome gold clock. “And I ran the whole course just before the run to see what it was like,” Chall lamented.

Of the 137 who ran, 72 finished before the hour and 65 finished after the hour. They may have wanted to finish early anyway to get to the donuts, coffee, and fruit juice at the neighborhood center. Oddly enough, two of the fastest runners in the field, Jason Tripp and Kent Werner, finished nearly last in the competition. For being nearly eight minutes late, Mr. Werner earned a bottle of non-alcoholic cider. “He must have been hung over,” said race director Dave Tripp.

Dave and Judi Tripp organized and directed the popular event. The $5 entry fees raised funds for the Scholarship Fund of the Howard County Striders.

The Resolution Run began and ended at the Jeffers Hill Neighborhood Center, and the course wound along bike paths though the Jeffers Hill and Locust Park neighborhoods of Columbia, MD. The rain had flooded a few stretches of bike path, but the runners did not complain about getting their feet wet. After all, it really wasn’t a race!

  • by Jim Carbary


First_Last_Name                          Gender        Time
Hadi Navid                               M46    10:28:32.28
Jodi Navid                               F41    10:31:20.94
Shane Bogan                              M47    10:40:15.28
Michael Ross                             M19    10:44:21.71
Chris Stahl                              M16    10:44:23.57
Danielle Amini-Kern                      F17    10:45:48.80
Grace Brown                              F33    10:48:42.86
Rachel Lambeth                           F30    10:48:44.43
Jeb Beagles                              M29    10:48:44.87
Lucas Casem                              M14    10:51:20.09
Kim Casem                                F38    10:51:20.33
Morgan Swann                             M13    10:51:20.78
Scott Ryan                               M40    10:53:47.57
Jessica Guillory                         F27    10:54:30.37
Heidi Platt                              F38    10:54:38.21
Ashley Leitner                           F9     10:54:39.45
Jesse Leitner                            M37    10:54:53.44
Patrice Aubrey                           F29    10:55:14.71
George Kroeker                           M54    10:55:26.04
Robyn Kajiura                            F43    10:55:57.24
Timothy Elliott                          M21    10:55:58.66
Bill Wandel                              M63    10:56:50.55
Joseph Esposito                          M47    10:57:03.05
Catherine Casem                          F12    10:57:10.55
Jennifer Smith                           F30    10:57:24.00
Adam Rutz                                m29    10:57:25.39
Tara Cronk                               F28    10:57:47.70
William May                              M52    10:57:48.37
Darryl Smith                             M44    10:58:11.31
Graham Welch                             M14    10:58:35.90
Maria May                                F41    10:58:42.04
James Carbary                            M55    10:58:44.24
Sarah Mandl                              F17    10:58:44.85
Carroll Thumel                           M46    10:58:48.40
Brad Lieberman                           M47    10:58:48.76
Ken Schreier                             M57    10:58:49.82
Mary Beth Soverns                        F47    10:58:51.06
Weems McFadden                           M49    10:58:51.41
Sarah Cepeda                             F28    10:58:53.56
Shyamal Nandi                            M68    10:58:55.53
Jordan Greene                            F15    10:58:58.78
Neal Ziring                              M43    10:59:01.91
Patty Wunsch                             F47    10:59:03.47
Joey Esposito                            M16    10:59:05.15
Vicki Lang                               F38    10:59:06.40
Peter Boice                              M60    10:59:07.47
Emily Houve                              F32    10:59:12.04
Julie Goodwin                            F27    10:59:19.82
Gabriel Hiza                             M63    10:59:21.87
Evan Thomas                              M65    10:59:25.95
Denise Hyde                              F41    10:59:31.12
Veronica Noonan                          F37    10:59:31.84
Megan Henly                              F29    10:59:32.19
Heidi Savin                              F28    10:59:32.74
Darryl Fairley                           M40    10:59:33.43
Shannon Costello                         F30    10:59:37.47
William Barker                           M62    10:59:39.82
Peter Salmon-Cox                         M67    10:59:41.14
Brenda Von Rautenkranz                   F49    10:59:46.47
Mary Garatt                              F58    10:59:47.14
Peter Peterman                           M48    10:59:47.82
Luis Diaz                                M29    10:59:49.44
Eric Schuler                             M13    10:59:49.95
Greg Schuler                             M46    10:59:50.96
Mohan Ray                                M59    10:59:52.75
Neal Fedarko                             M48    10:59:53.40
Marshall Demaree                         M10    10:59:53.76
Phil Lang                                M39    10:59:54.36
Mick Slonaker                            M57    10:59:54.93
Timothy May                              M41    10:59:55.46
Maureen Luthardt                         F39    10:59:56.04
John Chall                               M49    10:59:58.01
*** Christian Von Rautenkranz ***        M12    11:00:01.87
Johnna Esposito                          F19    11:00:03.34
Alex Gedhent                             M18    11:00:04.85
Shelly Kvech                             F35    11:00:06.30
Leonard Guralnick                        M56    11:00:06.97
Carla Royalty                            F42    11:00:08.86
Peter Sammis                             M15    11:00:09.75
Richard Fox                              M59    11:00:10.62
Stephen McGovern                         M50    11:00:11.75
Lisa Goines                              F34    11:00:13.74
Karsten Brown                            M32    11:00:13.98
Kyle Royalty                             M12    11:00:14.41
Jordan Kelso                             M33    11:00:14.68
Yasuo Oda                                M45    11:00:16.02
Stephen Alpern                           M59    11:00:19.26
Michael Dusenbery                        M28    11:00:23.74
Stephen Wargo                            M36    11:00:24.78
Jessica Esposito                         F12    11:00:25.09
Tiffany Lang                             F12    11:00:25.86
Stig Rasmussen                           M63    11:00:26.22
John Briguglio                           M17    11:00:26.60
Brian Harvey                             M19    11:00:26.94
Brian Pickett                            M47    11:00:33.44
Teddy Carney                             M16    11:00:38.46
Grant Demaree                            M14    11:00:38.75
Petra Baker                              F40    11:00:43.49
Marsha Demaree                           F42    11:00:45.74
Dwight Mikulis                           M49    11:00:47.89
Steven Anderson                          M41    11:00:49.41
Roger Calvert                            M56    11:00:51.69
Phil Respass                             M44    11:00:54.64
Ginger Rowley                            F45    11:00:56.46
Ron Weber                                M54    11:01:06.50
Russell Holley                           M59    11:01:08.43
John King                                M41    11:01:08.82
Tom McCarthy                             M53    11:01:11.38
Eric Bell                                M18    11:01:13.71
Judith Weber                             F47    11:01:14.49
Keith Wunsch                             M51    11:01:31.23
Stephen Wunsch                           m16    11:01:31.84
Richard Rosen                            M58    11:01:33.09
Karen Harvey                             F50    11:01:34.26
Steven Grufferman                        M53    11:01:35.97
Bill Arbelaez                            M50    11:01:48.04
Jerry Warfield                           M62    11:01:53.81
Marc Burger                              M34    11:02:00.90
Loren Garroway                           M48    11:02:01.88
David Jun                                M22    11:02:03.01
Walter von Rautenkranz                   M46    11:02:08.66
Mike Fleming                             M61    11:02:13.27
Majid Waheed                             M15    11:02:28.69
Dick Woods                               M60    11:03:08.34
Ryan Noonan                              M13    11:03:14.79
Matthew Rozier                           M13    11:03:16.95
Louis Nagel                              M50    11:03:18.76
Gregory Lepore                           M36    11:03:22.56
Pat Wilkerson                            F47    11:03:45.45
Toni Bluher                              F44    11:03:45.70
Devon Rodick                             M14    11:06:00.91
Jeff Anderson                            M34    11:06:01.20
Denise Tripp                             F34    11:06:03.78
Jason Tripp                              M34    11:06:05.15
Kent Werner                              M27    11:07:42.13
Nicole Betancourt                        F31    11:19:46.00
Sean McGovern                            M22    11:30:00.00