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2023 Vernal Velocity #5 Results

29 runners enjoyed a comfortable sunny day at the Howard County Striders weekly series race at Elkhorn/Savage trail. Mark Eagles and Alexandra Carrizales were the two mile winners. Joy Lewis and Gregg Ford led the 10k runners.

Volunteers: Bill Arbelaez(race lead), Marc Burger, Melissa Burger, Joan Chall

Reporting by: Marc Burger

2 Mile

1Mark Eagles10:54
2Alexandria Carrizales11:25
3John Way13:23
4Lochlann Boyle13:32
5Kendra Smith15:15
6John Ransey15:36
7Jim Disciullo16:26
8Ted Poulos18:31
9Roger Calvert20:30
10Iris Mars20:44
11Amanda Idstein25:14
12Ronnie Wong28:09
13Jeanette Novak31:03
14Tim Ramsey33:25

10 Km

1Joy Lewis41:35
2Gregg Ford45:51
3Steve Meininger49:28
4Tony Rogers52:38
5Eric Johnston53:17
6Kirk Gordon56:39
7Nick Atkins57:55
8James Scarborough1:00:03
9Linda Alms1:14:04 (ran long)
10Bill Snelling1:14:54
11Mary Niland1:15:09 (ran long)
12Haydee Herrera1:17:12 (ran long)
13Emily Howe1:17:13 (ran long)
14Eileen Sullivan1:19:27 (ran long)
15Claudia Eckstrom1:19:28 (ran long)