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2023 Legends of the Fall #2 Results

28 runners braved the tail end of a tropical depression to run the Howard County Striders weekly series race at Patuxent Valley Middle School.  Lochlann Boyle and Devon Boyle paced the 2 milers.  Andrea Carrizales and Stephen Senick were the 4 mile winners.

Volunteers: John Chall(race lead), Nick Atkins, Melissa Burger, Joan Chall, Eric Johnston

Reporting by: Marc Burger

2 Mile

1Lochlann Boyle13:58
2Devon Boyle14:23
3Ted Poulos16:50
4Roger Calvert21:50
5Joanne Harrington24:08
6Jules Conway28:52
7Desi Conway28:52
8Tim Ramsey42:27

4 Mile

1Andrea Carrizales24:28
2Stephen Senick24:59
3Christian Carrizales28:21
4John Way29:04
5Jonathan Harrington31:07
6Josiah Williams31:08
7Kendra Smith31:34
8Joshua Harrington31:39
9Steve Meininger32:24
10Tony Rogers33:15
11John Ramsey33:41
12Kirk Gordon34:08
13Scott Holz34:19
14Dylan Walker37:27
15James Scarborough37:57
16Linda Alms38:20
17Alan Mulindwa38:55
18Marc Burger39:39
19Jim Harrington41:42
20Ronald Schmidt45:28
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2023 Legends of the Fall #1 Results

35 runners came out for the first Howard County Striders fall weekly series race at Hammond Middle School. Alexandra Carrizales and Vincent Martucci led the 1 mile runners. Mark Eagles and Linda Alms paced the 5k runners.

Volunteers: John Chall(race lead), Melissa Burger, Joan Chall, Eric Johnston

Reporting by: Marc Burger

1 Mile

1Alexandra Carrizales5:10
2Vincent Martucci5:17
3John Way6:19
4Lochlann Boyle6:31
5Kendra Smith7:01
6Ted Poulos7:49
7Cayllum Otero8:00
8Max Wassell8:46
9Jim Harrington9:17
10Joanne Harrington11:02
11Brian Celedon12:12.1
12Bridget Celedon12:12.8
13Kate Kandel12:30
14Allison Kandel12:43
15James Moreland12:53
16Stephanie Kandel12:55
17Jeremy Kandel13:01
18Jeanette Novak15:23

5 Km

1Mark Eagles18:10
2Stephen Senick19:17
3Richard Reinhardt21:09
4Luis Navarro21:35
5Steve Meininger24:45
6John Ramsey25:59
7Tony Rogers26:18
8Kirk Gordon27:17
9James Scarborough27:50
10Linda Alms27:55
11Mike Tracton28:06
12Alan Mulindwa29:53
13Marc Burger30:54
14Mike Elkonoh31:39
15Roger Calvert33:34
16Haydee Herrera36:17
17Melinda Krummerich(dnf)
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2023 Meet of Miles Results

41 runners of came out for the Howard County striders annual meet of miles races at Oakland Mills High School. Coralyn Renjifo led the 5 and under runners in the 100 meter dash. Floralei Renjifo led the older kids in a 400 meter dash. Mark Eagles and Samantha Merkel paced all the mile runners.

Volunteers: Bill Arbelaez (race lead), Marc Burger, Melissa Burger

Reporting by: Marc Burger

100 Meter

1Coralyn Renjifo22.65
2James Merkel29.51
3Ezra Rea31.58
4Conley Reich43.35
5Miles Hencke01:07.30

400 Meter

1Floralei Renjifo1:32
2Natalia May1:39
3Kingsley Kochman2:26
4Georgie Kochman2:36

1 Mile

1Mark Eagles4:36
2Carlos Renjifo4:38
3Graham Peck4:40
4Sean Caskey4:59
5Jacob Englander5:05
6Sean Napier5:06
7George Kochman5:20
8Jeremy Rea5:25
9James Winter5:26
10Jicheng Liu5:27
11Pete Merkel5:34
12Qiang Tian5:35
13Samantha Merkel5:50
14Richard Reinhart5:55
15John Stanmore5:56
16Michael Bohse6:03
17Shangdi Mo6:04
18Devon Boyle6:09
19Sadie Sentman6:19
20Lochlann Boyle6:21
21Shannon Sentman6:22
22Eric Johnston6:33
23Atticus Sentman6:44
24Tony Rogers6:45
25John Ramsey6:47
26Paul Ryan6:49
27Deb Hicks6:57
28Kevin Hencke7:01
29Dylan Walker7:12
30Aimee Goldman8:12
31Floralei Renjifo10:01
32Amanda Idstein10:46
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2023 2 Person 5 Mile Results

14 teams of two runners came out for the Howard County Striders annual 5 mile 2 person relay. Runners run 10 alternating quarter mile laps until 5 miles are reached. The team of David Wang and Varun Dhondi finished 1st.

Volunteers: Bill Arbelaez (race lead), Marc Burger, Melissa Burger

Reporting by: Marc Burger


PlaceRunner 1Runner 2Time
1Daniel WangVarun Dhondi25:38
2Xuesong Wang Matt Leibowitz28:16
3Shangdi MoQiang Tran28:44
4Terri WytkoAdam Wytko29:21
5Yan ZhangJicheng Liu29:24
6Tammy HermsteinMarc Hermstein29:48
7Mark Eagles N/A30:04
8Aimee GoldmanJacob Englander30:33
9Faye WeaverJeffrey Weaver31:36
10Huifei ChenQian Zhang31:44
11Lincoln WytkoSimon Wytko33:10
12Tricia CecilJames Scarborough34:33
13Yan LiuJohn Ramsey36:07
14Stan CohenMichele Cohen46:23
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2023 Vernal Velocity #6 Results

17 runners came out on Father’s day to run the Howard County Striders weekly series race at Hammond High School. A few of the runners ran long but Jack Kammerer and Linda Alms led the 5k, John Way paced the 10k runners.

Volunteers: Bill Arbelaez(race lead), Melissa Burger, Joan Chall, John Chall, Amanda Idstein, Kendra Smith

Reporting by: Marc Burger


1Jack Kammerer27:38
2Eric Johnston27:51
3Tony Rogers28:38
4Ted Poulos30:47
5John Ramsey30:58
6Marc Burger32:02
7Alex Le34:28
8Linda Alms40:27
9Mary Niland40:28
10Yakup Muratnazorov45:26
11Ronnie Wong1:00:47
12Jeanette Novak1:01:25
13Tim Ramseyno time 2.75 miles

10 Km

1John Way48:41
2Kirk Gordon57:02
3James Scarborough57:08
4Alan Mulindwa59:17