2022 Centennial Mile #4 – Results

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2022 Meet of the Miles Race Results

58 runners toed the line for the Howard County Striders annual meet of the miles Wednesday night at the Centennial High School track.  Colin and Emma Roche were the 5 and under winners in the 100 meter dash.  Liam Moreau and Amy Tomayko led the 6-12 year olds in the 400 meter run.  Adam Morad and Mary Roche paced all the one mile runners.

A few runners did not turn in a card at the finish.  If you don’t see your name, contact the striders and we can add you in. 

Volunteers: Bill Arbelaez(race lead), Bill Brown, Marc Burger, Melissa Burger, Marsha Demaree, Jewel Devries, Joanne Lee

Reporting by: Marc Burger

100 Meter

1Colin Roche26:75
2Emma Roche32:33
3Lochlan Madison36:16
4Conall Madison1:51:50

400 Meter

1Liam Moreau1:24.2
2Amy Tomayko1:24.8
3Simon Wytko1:25
4Lincoln Wytko1:35
5Christopher Blackwood1:37
6J.P. Blackwood1:40
7Levi Sturgess1:41
8Logan Skinner1:56

1 Mile

1Adam Morad4:37
2Mark Eagles4:41
3Adam Sachs4:44
4Andrew Madison4:53
5Adam Wytko5:00
6Evan Tian5:08
7Stephen Dunlap5:14
8Andrew Bowling5:23
9Jicheng Liu5:24
10Josh Weiss5:25
11James Blackwood5:31
12Vincent Martucci5:32
13Shawn Bethune5:40.5
14Aaron Ellison5:40.8
15Lifeng Pu5:41
16Gautam Mehta5:46
17You Lin Qi5:47
18Dominic Mandilo5:59
19Matthew Ervin6:01
20Attiarva Anand6:03
21Xuesong Wang6:05.2
22Paul Tomayko6:05.7
23Nick Kohout6:06
24John Stanmore6:07
25Mary Roche6:16
26{no card}6:28
27Lincoln Wytko6:42
28Bridget Celedon6:44
29Bjorn Moreau6:45
30Faye Weaver6:48
31Eric Johnston6:49
32Simon Wytko6:56
33Larry Washington6:57
34Devon Boyle6:58
35Lochlann Boyle6:59
36John Ramsey7:03
37Emma Balzer7:06.1
38Kelyn Soong7:06.6
39Julia Skinner7:16
40Dave Tomayko7:19
41Apoorva Anand7:30
42{no card}7:32.5
43Mary-Lowe Mayhugh7:32.6
44{no card}8:10
45Lee Dix8:32
46Amanda Idstein11:37
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2022 5 Mile 2 Person Relay Race Results

20 teams came out to run the Howard County Striders Summer 5 mile 2 person relay track event at Long Reach High School. The event consists of two person teams, where each runner runs 10 alternating 1/4 mile laps to reach 5 miles total. Adam Wytko and Mark Eagles were the men’s winners. Greg and Tasha Hogan led the co-ed teams. Amanda Beal and Lindsay Pickett were the women’s leaders.

Volunteers: Bill Arbelaez(race lead), Melissa Burger, John Chall, Larry Stern

Reporting by: Marc Burger

5Mi 2Person

1Adam Wytko/Mark Eagles24:03
2James Blackwood/Steve Senick26:21
3*Qiang Tian/Jicheng Liu26:38
4Tasha Hogan/Greg Hogan27:50
5Fritz Orlofsky/Garrett Burns28:06
6Amanda Beal/Lindsay Pickett28:10
7Lifeng Pu/Xuesong Wang29:00
8Greg Orlofsky/Steve Burns29:46
9Marc Hermstein/Tammy Hermstein30:09
10Faye Weaver/Jeffrey Weaver31:27
11David Koralov/Samuel Koralov32:11
12Amy Tomayko/Paul Tomayko33:53 (ran long)
13Katie Ahrens/Nicole Dawson34:10
14Jim Pontius/Andrew Pontius35:29
15Lincoln Wytko/Simon Wytko36:06
16Ming Tomayko/Yan Zhang36:24
17Ava Xu/Xiaushan Xu38:40
18Erin Erle/Tammy Rossbach41:21
19Emily Howe/Rene Alonso42:21
20Haydee Herrera/Leonid Koralov44:18
* Time and finish position updated on 11-July-2022

2022 Centennial Mile #2 – Results

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2022 Vernal Velocity #6 Awards Race Results

42 runners came out on a pleasant Father’s Day to run the Howard County Striders final spring race at Jeffers Hill Neighborhood Center. Mark Eagles and Mary Niland were the fastest 2 milers. John Way and Kendra Smith won the 10k race.

Volunteers: Rene Alonso(race lead), Melissa Burger, Joan Chall, Amanda Idstein

Reporting by: Marc Burger


1Mark Eagles11:52
2Bob Fink13:08
3Eric Myers13:14
4Colin Myers13:32
5Alan Mulindwa15:09
6John Chall15:38
7Ted Poulos16:05
8Eric Johnston16:15
9Marc Burger16:39
10Simon Wytko19:01
11Lincoln Wytko19:24
12Adam Wytko19:25
13Mary Niland19:48
14Lee Dix21:04
15Ronnie Wong21:41
16D.J. Dix22:23
17James Moreland22:26
18Charlie Arrington24:04
19Margaret Barry25:14
20Miles Wing26:25
21Graham Wing26:28
22Knox Wing26:36
23Logan Aarons26:46
24Richard Aarons26:48
25Amy Wing26:54
26Titus Wing26:56
27Terry Wing27:10
28Jeanette Novak31:26
29Tim Ramsey32:25


1John Way46:55
2Mike Siferd48:24
3Kendra Smith50:09
4Kirk Gordon52:40
5James Scarborough53:58
6Linda Alms54:21
7Bram Arrington54:22
8Jack Arrington54:26
9Li Liu1:02:44
10Glenn Koerg(?)1:02:45
11Marsha Demaree1:02:46
12Jen Lechner1:09:21
13Sue Zhang1:15:00

2022 Centennial Mile #1 – Results

2022 Women’s Distance Festival WDF 5K

2022 WDF 5K Live Individual Results

Results in PDF Format

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2022 Vernal Velocity Awards

Congratulations to the following runners who qualified for an award during the Howard County Striders spring weekly series.  This series had 54 men and 30 women participate in at least one race.

Please come out to Jeffers Hill on June 19th to be recognized.

Minimum Points Required: 40

Reporting by: Marc Burger


1Mark Eagles99
2Kirk Gordon96
3James Scarborough92
4John Way91
5John Chall89
6Tom Christofili87
6Eric Johnston87
8Vincent Martucci83
9Paul Tomayko78
10Ted Poulos76
11David Tomayko71
12Marc Burger68
13Stephen Senick65
14Eric Myers60
15James Moreland53
16Bill Arbelaez52
17Roger Calvert46
18Greg Horning44
18Adam Wytko44
20Bill Brown43
21Simon Wytko42
21Richard Aarons42
23Lincoln Wytko40
23Tim Ramsey40
23Lee Dix40


1Ming Tomayko102
2Linda Alms84
3Jeanette Novak83
4Iris Mars76
5Mary Niland74
6Kendra Smith66
7Marsha Demaree64
7Amy Tomayko64
9Faith Myers61
10Melissa Burger52
11Tammy Liu43
12Amanda Idstein42
12Joan Chall42
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2022 Vernal Velocity #5 Results

37 runners came out for the hilly course at Mt Hebron High school for the Howard County Striders spring weekly series race. Adam Wytko and Sophie Hwu were the two mile winners.  Richard Aarons and Linda Alms led the 5 mile runners.

Volunteers: Marc Hermstein (race lead), Bill Arbelaez, Marc Burger, Melissa Burger, Joan Chall, Eric Johnston

Reporting by: Marc Burger


1Adam Wytko11:59
2Chris Withee13:46
3Mark Eagles13:47
4Eric Myers14:27
5Colin Myers15:16
6Paul Tomayko15:18
7Fritz Orlofsky15:20
8John Way15:23
9Tom Christofili15:29
10John Chall15:52
11Sophie Hwu18:29
12Tim Hwu18:32
13David Tomayko18:34
14Ben Stein18:36
15Lee Dix19:48
16Amy Tomayko22:05
17Ming Tomayko22:14
18Nick Atkins22:46
19Ted Poulos22:51
20Mary Niland22:52
21Ronald Schmidt22:54
22Simon Wytko23:47
23Lincoln Wytko23:55
24Lauren Mitchell25:07
25Ronnie Wong28:46
26Greg Orlofsky29:56
27April Orlofsky30:30
28Jeanette Novak33:56
29Tim Ramsey39:47


1Richard Aarons36:23
2Vincent Martucci39:11
3Mike Siferd39:55
4James Scarborough46:24
5Linda Alms46:40
6Marsha Demaree47:48
7Kirk Gordon56:35 (ran long)
8James Moreland1:07:08
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2022 Vernal Velocity Standings pre-Race #5

Standings after first four races in this weekly series! 

Minimum Points Required: 40

Reporting by: Marc Burger


1Mark Eagles79
2Kirk Gordon78
3John Chall76
3John Way76
5James Scarborough73
5Tom Christofili73
7Ted Poulos66
8Eric Johnston65
8Stephen Senick65
10Vincent Martucci62
11Paul Tomayko61
12David Tomayko60
13Marc Burger46
13Roger Calvert46
15Greg Horning44
16Bill Brown43
17Bill Arbelaez42
18Eric Myers41
19Alan Mulindwa36
19James Moreland36
21Jason Tripp33
22Simon Wytko32
23Linclon Wytko30
23Tim Ramsey30
23Lee Dix30


1Ming Tomayko82
2Iris Mars76
3Jeanette Novak67
4Kendra Smith66
5Linda Alms62
6Faith Myers61
7Mary Niland55
8Marsha Demaree43
8Tammy Liu43
8Amy Tomayko43
11Amanda Idstein42
11Melissa Burger42
13Joanne Lee39
14Terri Wytko37
15Malia Haskins34
16Joan Chall32
16Melinda Krummerich32
16Kim Haskins32