Welcome to the first news update for the NS Half-Full Marathon training program !

With just a little over 3 weeks to go before the start of the program (July 5th),  firstly –  we wanted to thank all the Striders who contacted Beth and me , offering to serve as either permanent or substitute coaches.  Thank you all you coaches !  Including all the subs!   A special THANK YOU to the PERM (Committed) coaches – as a Lead or Assistant – listed in the adjacent table.  We sincerely appreciate your dedication to the program.

With about 100 participants, we could use a few more PERM coaches — especially the middle and slower pace range … We realize this is a long / 4-month program to have to dedicate over the Summer and early Fall; but if more signed up as PERM coaches,  it will make it easier to trade off vacation dates between the Lead and Assistance coaches. So if you’re on the coaching fence,  now’s your opportunity to JUMP right off that fence and make a positive difference and memorable impact on aspiring endurance trainees !  Please contact Beth or me directly.  We’ll be happy to have you and update your name on our table of  PERM coaches !

Secondly, we only have about 8 slots for participants remaining at this point !  It’s first come first served.  And this program is a such a great deal !  Especially given the quality of training, the duration, the support from coaches, fellow participants and the program coordinators, the stylish every-day outwear custom Premium (!),  and the low/very nominal cost.   So don’t wait until the end of this month if you (or a friend) wants to sign up.  Once the slots are filled – at this rate within the next week or next few days!  –  we will not be making any exceptions  since we don’t want to sacrifice the quality of the program and to respect the time and dedication of the coaches and participants already signed up.

Next Step Half-Full Marathon Training Registration

Looking forward to this program starting next month. We hope you are too – whether you are a coach or participant !

Your Half-Full Training coordinators,

Beth and Conrad  (nextstep.halffull@gmail.com  or  nextstep@striders.net)

  • PERM (Committed) Coaches as of 6/12
  • Ryan Brown
    Chad Burger
    Chris Farmer
    Mike Fleming
    Kevin Ford
    Mark Hyatt
    Bromley Lowe
    Tunde Morakinyo
    Ceci Murach
    Marianne Myrtue-Bogan
    Yasuo Oda
    Greg Thomas
    Fred Towner
    Frank Volny
    Faye Weaver
    Judith Weber