Louise Valentine

When cut from high school volleyball, Louise joined cross country as a last resort. Coming in dead last her first race, she was motivated to improve. She finally raced varsity the very last race of senior year. In college, Louise found a passion for health and human performance after completing a marathon to honor her grandmother’s fight with cancer. She pursued an education as an Exercise Physiologist, Sports Massage Therapist, and Strength Coach and has since enjoyed testing the limits of believing in herself. She has raced up mountain trails, trained for ultras to pass the time during her husband’s deployments, and even set an ambitious goal to demonstrate that women can safely maintain athleticism while pregnant (running 73 half marathons over the course of 2 pregnancies). After the birth of her son, Louise accepted her husband’s challenge to embark on a “Boston After Baby” mission. She ran her first BQ in March 2014 and has been experimenting with pushing her speed ever since. Now, an active mother of two and a full-time Public Health Professional, Louise and her family enjoy being a part of their local running community, regardless of where the Army sends them!

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