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2022 Legends of the Fall #2 Results

27 runners for the most part beat the rain while running the Howard County Striders weekly series race at Longfellow Elementary. Mark Eagles and Amy Tomayko led the two mile runners. Vincent Martucci and Kendra Smith were the 10k winners. John Way was the first 15k runner.

Volunteers: Bill Arbelaez (race lead), Melissa Burger, Joan Chall, Iris Mars

Reporting by: Marc Burger

2 Mile

1Mark Eagles10:55
2Paul Tomayko13:17
3David Tomayko15:49
4John Ramsey16:13
5Nick Atkins16:50
6Amy Tomayko18:22
7Ming Tomayko18:52
8Roger Calvert20:28
9Mary Niland21:24
10Ronnie Wong21:34
11Haydee Herrera21:51
12Jeanette Novak32:48


1Vincent Martucci46:43
2John Chall49:25
3Kendra Smith49:38
4Kirk Gordon54:19
5Eric Johnston54:28
6Alyssa Mitchell55:48
7Marc Burger57:20
8Scott Holz59:09
9Karen Young59:56
10Simon Wytko1:12:05
11Lincoln Wytko1:12:10
12Terri Wytko1:12:11
13Charlie Riesz1:22:25


1John Way1:14:40
2James Scarborough1:23:47
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2022 Legends of the Fall #1 Results

40 runners came out for The Howard County Striders weekly series race At Northfield Elementary.  Mark Eagles and Alyssa Mitchell led the way in the 5k race.  The race also served as graduation for the zero to weekly program. Congratulations to these first time racers!

Volunteers: Bill Arbelaez(race lead) Matt Beach, Melissa Burger, Melinda Krummerich, Kendra Smith, Ben Stein, John Way

Reporting by: Marc Burger


1Mark Eagles18:14
2Darius Oxley19:40
3Vincent Martucci21:30
4Tom Haard21:58
5Simon Wytko24:24
6Mike Siferd24:36
7Eric Johnston24:56
8Alan Mulindwa25:14
9Marc Burger25:17
10John Ramsey25:47
11James Scarborough26:28
12Alyssa Mitchell26:35
13David Tomayko26:53
14Jonathan Harrington27:15
15Nick Atkins28:16
16Lincoln Wytko28:44
17Terri Wytko28:45
18Nicole Berger29:00
19Jean Nguyenloc29:56
20Dylan Walker31:23
21Jim Harrington32:01
22Ronald Schmidt32:10
23Joanne Harrington32:24
24Amy Tomayko33:00
25Iris Mars33:07
26Ming Tomayko33:12
27Hiroko Kunimoto33:27
28Jose Camacho34:39
29Steven Parsley34:43
30Ed Beach34:47
31Ronnie Wong35:52
32Mary Niland35:58
33James Moreland36:38
34Haydee Herrera37:09
35Jessica Petro39:03
36David Petro42:30
37Sarah Beach46:40
38Amanda Idstein46:40.9
39Jeanette Novak48:10
40Tim Ramsey56:57