Weekly Series Races

The Weekly Series races are conducted at various locations around Howard County. Separate races ranging in distance from 1 mile to 15 kilometers are scheduled for throughout the spring, fall, and winter seasons. Each series culminates in the distribution of series awards. While these races emphasize participation, we also reward performance. Some additional details:

  • All races begin at 2p unless otherwise noted
  • Show up no more than 30 minutes before the race to register.
  • Runners of all abilities and ages are welcome, including non-Striders!
  • Sorry, no bathroom facilities will be available 🙁
  • Course finding is your responsibility! Minimal markings will be provided, but races are on open roads or paths and there may be few or no course marshals.
  • Water will be available on longer courses.

DateSeriesDistance 1Distance 2DISTANCE 3Location
01/08/2023Operation Iceberg #12 Mile5KBurleigh Manor Middle School
01/22/2023Operation Iceberg #22 Mile10KLongfellow Elementary School
02/05/2023Operation Iceberg #32 Mile10KThunder Hill Elementary School
02/19/2023Operation Iceberg #42 Mile4 MileClemens Crossing Elementary School
03/05/2023Operation Iceberg #55KNorthfield Elementary School
03/19/2023Operation Iceberg #62 Mile5 MileClarksville Elementary School


2023 Operation Iceberg #6 Results (awards race)
60 runners came out for the Howard County striders winter weekly series race at …
2023 Operation Iceberg Awards
Congratulations to the following runners who qualified for an award this winter season.  This …
2023 Operation Iceberg #5 Results
82 runners came out for the Howard County Striders Winter weekly series race at …

Race Fees

All registration takes place on the day of the race. Fees are CASH ONLY.

HCS Member
  • Become a HCS Member for the lowest price!
Non HCS Member
HCS Member Family
  • The maximum price for a HCS family (same household)
Non HCS Member Family
  • The maximum price for a non HCS famiy (same household)


Racers accumulate points throughout each race of the series. Each person scores a minimum of 10 points and a maximum of 22 points for completing a race. Volunteers score 22 points for their first time volunteering in a series, and 10 points for each additional race in the series for which they volunteer.

Series awards are presented to male and female finishers accumulating minimum points in either a long distance (10K, 15K, 6M, etc.) or short distance (3M or less) series of races. Minimum series points are calculated based on total number of races minus one (1) race. The resulting number is multiplied by 10 to determine the minimum total points to qualify for awards. So for a race series with six races, the minimum number of points is 50.



Weekly Race Lead Officials
The Weekly Lead Race Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that a complete team of officials is available for the event and notifying other officials at least five days in advance of the race. The Lead is responsible for assigning race tasks and for a safe run.

Weekly Race Officials
Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled race. Responsibilities include assisting with equipment set-up, performing race day activities (such as start, finish and water stops) and post-race clean-up. If officials switch from the assigned schedule, they are expected to contact the Weekly Lead Race Officials who will be impacted. Note: failure to work or provide a substitute will result in disqualification from the point standings. Officials assigned to work may not find a substitute and then run in an event the week he/she was assigned to officiate.

Email [email protected] if you are interested in being a lead official! Regular volunteer signups can be done through SignUp.com


Although the courses are designed to be as safe as possible, you run at your own risk. Runs take place on public roads and pathways with little or no traffic control. Neither medical assistance nor police assistance is available at weekly events. Officials reserve the right to eliminate bonus points and/or cancel any event due to inclement weather or other unsafe conditions.

Officials have the right and responsibility to disqualify any runner who doesn’t complete the course. For safety reasons, strollers, dogs and headphones are not allowed at any Strider’s events.

Course Maps

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Course Records

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